Tanner Clinic Patient Portal (Portal Usage and Accessibility)

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Tanner Clinic Patient Portal


Tanner Clinic Patient Portal

The Patient Portal’s online feature makes it incredibly simple to refill a prescription or get a copy of a medical record. Additionally, the safe patient portal gives you more contact options with your Tanner Clinic practitioner.

Using the private, web-based patient portal, you can ask your doctor non-urgent medical questions and make requests.


Here are a few of the things you can do through Patient Portal:

▸ Message your provider

▸ Schedule an appointment

▸ Request prescription refills


▸ Receive lab and test results

▸ Manage and update your family’s medical records from all participating physicians

▸ Request copies of your “personal health record”

▸ Obtain referrals to specialists

▸ Obtain a doctor’s note for school or work

▸ Access the Health Research Center, which offers an extensive array of health topics, interactive tools, and more

▸ Send and receive messages to and from your provider’s office

▸ Sign up with multiple physicians and specialties

Remember, all communication with your provider is private and routed through his/her staff.


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