Takoradi Technical University: One of Ghana’s Top Institutions

Discover the top-notch facilities and programs offered at Takoradi Technical University, the premier institution for technical education in Ghana.Takoradi Technical University

Takoradi Technical University

Are you interested in pursuing a technical education in Ghana? Look no further than Takoradi Technical University, a renowned institution committed to offering its students a top-notch education.


A renowned polytechnic institution with its main campus in Takoradi, Takoradi Technical Institution (TTU) provides a wide range of programs in several academic fields, including engineering, science, business, and applied arts.

TTU was founded in 1954 as a Technical Institute. Since then, it has developed into a full-fledged technical university with cutting-edge infrastructure and highly skilled professors.



TTU boasts of modern facilities that provide students with a conducive learning environment.

The university’s well-equipped labs, workshops, and computer centers let students get practical training in the subjects they want to study.

Additionally, the library has a large collection of textbooks, periodicals, and other reference resources to support students’ academic goals.

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Takoradi Technical University Programs

TTU offers a wide range of academic programs at the certificate, diploma, and degree levels. The university’s programs are to give students the abilities and information they need to be successful in their chosen fields of study.


Some of the programs offered by the university include:

1. Bachelor of Technology in Automotive Engineering

2. The Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering

3. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

4. Accounting and computing bachelor’s degree

5. Technology in Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor’s degree

6. Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design and Textiles.

How to Apply

To apply online, follow these steps:

1. Buy an E-Voucher

applicants are also required to purchase an admission voucher card before submitting their application. You can get voucher cards from designated banks or mobile money vendors.

The applicant will then scratch the voucher card to reveal the serial number and PIN. This is to complete the online application process.

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2. Prepare the Application

Utilizing the E-voucher, complete the application form online. Please make sure to include all required details and affix any required documents. Click the link to learn more.

3. Make an Application

The following address should receive all completed application forms as well as copies of any certificates or results slips: The Takoradi Technical University Registrar, Takoradi, PO Box 256.

4. Please Wait for the Process

All applicants must wait patiently and remain vigilant about the emails and phone numbers they entered on the application.

Application Requirements

An applicant will need the following paperwork with the application form:

1. Certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates

2. Two passport-sized photographs

3. Birth certificate or national ID card

4. Application fee receipt

Takoradi Technical University Faculty

The TTU faculty is highly qualified and dedicated to providing students with the best education possible.

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Professors, lecturers, and other academic staff members who are authorities in their professions make up the faculty.

They are committed to offering top-notch training that equips students with the abilities to succeed in their chosen disciplines and readies them for the workforce.


TTU has partnerships with various institutions and organizations both locally and internationally.

Through these alliances, the university is able to provide its students with special opportunities like internships, study abroad options, and research collaborations.

Among its partners are the Technical University of Munich in Germany, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and the University of Education, Winneba.

Takoradi Technical University is the place to go if you’re seeking a facility that offers top-notch technical education in Ghana.

TTU is the ideal place to acquire the skills and information required to excel in your chosen vocation because of its cutting-edge facilities, diverse offerings, experienced instructors, and partnerships.


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