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Takoradi Technical University Student Portal

For current and potential students of the Takoradi Technical University,, a Takoradi Technical University Student Portal and employees, was developed.

Takoradi Technical University Student Portal

Takoradi Technical University Student Portal

Notably, the university created the TTU student portal as the management information system to compile and keep current data on TTU students.

Because it contains all the information on you with regards to your studies at TTU, TTU students will occasionally refer to it as the records or TTU student portal.


The Takoradi Technical University, without limiting its other powers, shall;

1. Award diplomas, certificates, degrees, and other credentials as determined by the Takoradi Technical University Council, as constituted by section 4 of the Technical Universities Act, and accepted by the national accrediting authority.

2. Offer Higher National Diploma programs that have been reviewed, authorized, inspected, and certified by the national organizations in charge of Higher National Diploma awards and programs.

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3. Ensure the general welfare, recreational, and social requirements of the Takoradi Technical University’s faculty and students.

4. Use your powers incidentally in furthering Takoradi Technical University’s objectives.

5. Expand access to postsecondary education with an emphasis on careers while promoting female enrollment in applied science and technology programs.

6. Create the necessary mindsets and entrepreneurial and information technology (IT) abilities to give pupils these fundamental industrial competencies.

7. Promote industrialization for the sake of social and economic growth in the area and the nation as a whole through pertinent research, consulting, and linking programs.


Takoradi Technical University Student Portal

Note that the below links provided can be accessed using a computer or mobile, the official website for Takoradi Technical University is

▸ Takoradi Technical University Students Portal:

▸ Takoradi Technical University Staff Login:

▸ Takoradi Technical University Website:

How Reliable Is Wi-Fi In Ghana?

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What Are The Requirements For Applying For N-Power In Nigeria?

▸ WASSCE or NECO Certificate With Credits in Maths and English.

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▸ B.Sc or HND from a recognized tertiary institution.

▸ NYSC Certificate or Discharge Certificate.

▸ Birth Certificate / Certificate of Origin.

▸ Npower Age Requirement is 18-35 years.

▸ A Valid National Identity Card.


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What Are Some Of The Interesting Startups In Ghana?

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Takoradi Technical University Student Portal

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▸ Ashesi University.

▸ University of Education, Winneba.

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▸ Valley View University.

▸ Christian Service University College.

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The author is making up a tale not to impart historical knowledge but to entertain, maybe to explore themes and motivations.


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▸ Atlanta

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What Is Life Like In Ghana?

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More than 4,000 meters of water depth may be found at the North Pole (13,123 feet).

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