Spiritual Powers Of Some African Fruits.


Humans are spiritual beings, regardless of their outward appearance. Not just humans, some foods have spiritual significance, and only few people actually know about the significance of these foods. Human foods are gifts of nature, so most of these foods have spiritual roles that they play.


Foods are not just for human and animal consumption only. Humans have attributed so certain spiritual qualities to some certain types of food. According to them, these foods have psychic, magical and spiritual powers.



Some of these foods are seen as symbolic elements during traditional ceremonies. There are some other special foods that are said to possess healing powers. Not just physical but also spiritual healing. Some foods are meant for fortification, while some foods can be used to chase away evil spirits. Whichever way, there are foods that contain spiritual powers.

There’s a popular proverb which says ” he who brings kolanut, brings life”. Kolanut is seen as the king of all fruits. It commands respect, and traditionally, most elderly people wouldn’t sitdown to have a discussion without breaking kolanut.

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Even during traditional events like weddings, kolanuts are very essential and very very important. It is part of the gifts that must be offered to the elders.


During popular events, like during the masquerade dance, festivals, kolanuts are broken and also offered to the gods.


(1) Kolanut

Kolanut, which is known as ‘Oji’ in the Igbo land and is called ‘Obi’ in Yoruba land, is an official fruit that is used to start ceremonies both in the Igbo land and many other places all over the country. The Kolanut is usually broken, followed by words of prayers, usually done by the eldest man in the gathering. Traditionally, most events wouldn’t commence if Kolanuts have not been broken.

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(2) Bitter Kola

Bitter Kola is another fruit that has lots of spirituality attached to it. Bitter Kola is a fruit that can be used to scare snakes away from home, or compound. Another ancient belief is that; when you put bitter Kola in your mouth, you are immune to any form of harm, mostly spiritual in harm.


(3) Garlic

Garlic also has its spiritual significance. Back then in olden days, people usually hung garlic over their doorsteps, as a form of sanctification.The smell of garlic, which most people don’t really like, is believed to actually repel evil spirits. This is why garlic is very much respected and important to people that believe so much in spirituality.

Globally, Garlic is believed to have so many magical potentials. One of the most notable belief about garlic, is that it scares off evil spirits.

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In some cultural practices, some certain foods are avoided at some certain point in time.

In most cultures, pregnant women are advised to stay away from foods with spiritual significance, to avoid the loss of their unborn child.

Women are restricted to eating vegetarian diets, because it is believed in those parts that if they eat some certain types of foods, they will give birth to a demon possessed child. Also, eating in a dream is always perceived as a bad omen, there are different beliefs attach to foods by different cultures.

Whatever role or significance that a certain food may play, it is very evident that foods have spiritual significance. Not just spiritual significance only but also cultural. In summary, food and fruit is not only meant for consumption or survival.


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