Some Hygiene People Do In Wrong Ways

We have had daily routines of body hygiene since childhood, but sometimes we do not realize that some things are done wrong. Even simple toothbrushing is more nuanced than you might expect. And if you don’t follow them, you can harm yourself even more.

We love to see healthy people and we share 6 more tips that can fix your routine for your general well-being.


Experts don’t recommend wearing panty liners all day. They should be changed every 3-5 hours. Also, sanitary pads should be changed every 4 hours, and if they are heavy, it is best to change them every 2 hours. For menstrual cups, the recommended wear time is 4-6 hours.



Using Q-tips, Bobby Pins, Or Sharp Pointed Objects To Clean Your Ears

Doctors recommend being more careful with your ears and stopping cleaning them with cotton swabs. Don’t clean your ears with anything smaller than a cloth on your finger.


Studies also do not recommend the use of ear candles because they are not effective and can even cause injury.



Exfoliating The Skin Every Day

New skin renews itself every 6 weeks and aggressive exfoliation really does lead to dry, irritated skin. Using a loofah in the shower is actually mechanical exfoliation. Limit yourself to using a loofah sponge just twice a week.



Changing Insoles Less Than Once A Year

It is best to replace the insoles between 6 and 12 months with regular use. First, the old insoles stop supporting the arch. Second, they start to smell bad due to bacteria. That is why it is not healthy to wear shoes without socks.



Not Scrubbing Your Underarms

Experts say your underarms need exfoliation too, especially if you shave. Use a loofah to apply a body scrub, then gently exfoliate. If your underarm skin is sensitive, use the facial cleanser. Exfoliate them twice a week.



Using Antibacterial Soap On The Face

Stronger does not mean better. It’s healthier to avoid any cleanser that makes your skin dry and irritated. So avoid harsh soaps, including antibacterial ones. The antibiotic agent in such soaps strips the skin of its moisturizing oils.


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