SCE Courses: Porgrams Offered at Solwezi College Of Education

The SCE Courses/ Short Courses and Distance Learning courses are published online. All Students who expect to study at the Solwezi College Of Education in Zambia should check the courses offered.

SCE Courses


SCE Courses

The Management of the Solwezi College Of Education (SCE) has released Undergraduate / Postgraduate Courses/ Short Courses of the Institution online.

Courses vary based on the Application You made. The courses are diversified based on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.


Every concerned student should endeavor to check the entry requirement, so as to be sure of the exact requirement.

Courses Offered at Solwezi College Of Education

Here are all the Courses / Programmes of Solwezi College Of Education for Undergraduate and Postgraduate:

1. Social Studies

2. Biology


3. Agric Science

4. Integrated Science

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5. Physics

6. Chemistry

7. Art and Design

8. Physical Education

9. Music

10. Webdesign Technology

11. Computer Security

12. Basic Programming

13. Database Systems

14. Computer Networking

15. System Analysis and Design

16. Computer Teaching Methods 2

17. Computer Mathematics

18. Introduction to Computer Studies

19. Computer Teaching Methods 1

20. Information and Communications Tech JSTD

21. Information and Communications Tech PDT

22. Operating System

23. Information and Communications Tech ECE

24. Zambian Language

25. English Language

26. Education Management and Administration

27. Guidance and Counselling

28. Philosophy

29. Psychology

30. Special Education

31. Industrial Arts

32. Home Economics

33. Mathematics

34. Pre-mathematics

In some cases, Solwezi College Of Education programmes are based on your Application Details for the institution.

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However, In most cases, it is based on the SCE Placement. Please do well to check the general requirements before applying for Admissions.

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Solwezi College Of Education Fee

Students pay Most Institutions’ School fees via the Student Portal, this may not be the case in this particular institution.

Check the link to the student portal of the University below and make the school fee payment. However, In most cases, the fee is based on the programme of study You choose.

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How Do You Get Admission to the College of Education?

1. To gain admission to the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) Programme at the College of Education, you need CREDIT PASSES (A1-C6) in six subjects, including;

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2. Among these six subjects, three must be Core subjects, including English Language and Core Mathematics.

3. The remaining three subjects should be Elective subjects that align with your chosen field of study.

4. Meeting these requirements ensures eligibility for admission to the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) Programme at the College of Education.

Students can study and flourish in a wide range of subjects in SCE courses. There is something for everyone, from the sciences to the arts.

SCE classes give you an avenue to study and personal development, whether you’re looking to further your job or simply want to expand your knowledge.


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