Simple ways to avoid being manipulated.

When one person is used for the benefit of another, this is known as psychological manipulation. The manipulator purposefully creates a power imbalance and uses the victim to further his or her agenda.

Here are simple ways to help you avoid this.

1. Understanding your basic human rights is essential.

Knowing your rights and recognizing when they are being violated is the single most crucial rule to remember when dealing with a psychologically manipulative person. You have the right to advocate for yourself and defend your rights as long as you do not damage others. You may, however, lose these rights if you do harm to others.

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2. Maintain a safe distance.

You may tell if someone is a manipulator by how they act in different scenarios and situations. This form of social distinction is present in all of us to some degree, but certain psychological manipulators tend to live in extremes, being extremely courteous one minute and ruthlessly unpleasant the next. Remain calm and avoid engaging with someone who exhibits this type of behavior frequently.

3. Abstain from blaming oneself.

Because the manipulator’s goal is to find and use your flaws, it’s natural to feel inadequate or even blame yourself for not pleasing them. Remember that you are not the problem; you are being made to feel awful about yourself in order to give up your authority and rights.

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3. Take Advantage of Time.

Aside from inappropriate requirements, the manipulator generally expects an immediate response from you to increase their pressure and influence over you. (This is called “closing the deal.”) Then, instead of immediately reacting to the manipulator’s request, consider using the time to your favor and avoiding their direct effect.

Many bullies have been abused. This does not excuse bullying, but it may help you see the bully in a different light.

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