Side Effects Of Having Sex For A Long Time


A lot of men have this notion that when they spend a lot of time mating with their female lovers without releasing then that means they are really doing well in terms of satisfying their female lovers. This has therefore made a lot of men take aphrodisiac so that they can last longer in bed.

This has proven to not help but because it cause a lot of problems for the men in the near future. Kidney diseases, Prostate cancer among others are all diseases which emanate as a result of an intake of sex enhancing drugs.

Doctor Grace Boadu, a female doctor in Africa revealed that men who spend about 35 minutes to 1 hour mating with their lovers stand the risk of getting stroke. According to her, the brain helps the heart to pump blood to the penis and when the blood are not released to go back to the brain and heart on time then the person stands the risk of getting stroke.

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Dr Grace Boadu revealed that the best and healthy minutes a man is suppose to go is 10 to 20 minutes.


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