Scholarships for Artists 2023

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Interestingly, you don’t need to have some highly professional courses in mind to get a scholarship. Indeed, many scholarships aim for science, tech, and development courses. Nevertheless, there are still scholarships for artists and other creatives worldwide. 

Scholarships for Artists

This post will show you some of the best scholarships for artists available in the educational system today. Furthermore, you’ll get information on their benefits, eligibility, and application processes. Hence, stick to this post to the end so you won’t miss a single detail. 

Here are some of the best scholarships for artists and other creatives:

  • Verve Arts Scholarships
  • Lionz Alliance – Florida Fine Art Scholarships
  • KBK Artwork Scholarships
  • Greater than Gatsby Annual Scholarships
  • Kress Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums 

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Verve Arts Scholarships

This funding began in honor of Sir Thomas McDonough IV, a man who loved fine arts. From his records, he painted and drew to tell stories to those around him from a very early age. Notably, Thomas made a name for his rich and honest works with precise details.

Every year, students interested in arts stand a chance to receive this award. With a simple application, applicants are good to go.


The award is worth an estimate of $1,800. However, this amount is just to encourage the artist.


Of course, to be eligible, the candidate must be an artist. Also, the applicant must be a high school senior about to begin undergraduate studies or a current undergraduate student. Furthermore, the candidate must be pursuing an arts degree at a 4-year college.

All applicants must be New Jersey residents that are going for any of the courses:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
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Application Process

Firstly, applicants should get their art portfolio ready. Also, they must write an essay that will back up their applications. The essay will be on a topic that describes their favorite art piece and its inspiration.

Lionz Alliance – Florida Fine Art Scholarships

Paul Zeniewicz and Jordon Jones began this scholarship as a motivational push to artists. The goal of the scholarship is to assist young artists in our present times with the professional knowledge to scale. 


With this funding, the candidate receives financial support worth over $2,000. Additionally, they will gain knowledge of the art world without running all the necessary costs. It offers a push into the professional art world for the candidates.


High school seniors in Florida may apply for the scholarship irrespective of other conditions. However, they must have exceptional artistic merits and demonstrate their need for financial support. 

Moreover, underrepresented minorities and students in central Florida receive more preference.

Application Process

Interested persons should upload their creative art portfolio online. Hence, all applicants must go through the scholarship site for details on how to go about it. Also, candidates may choose to provide a link to their works simply.

Furthermore, an essay will follow the application. This essay will give details on how your location has influenced your artworks. Lastly, your essay should be innovative and discuss ways your art can correct a social issue. 

KBK Artwork Scholarships

If you’re seeking a scholarship that recognizes your talents and wholly appreciates them, you should try KBK. The scholarship is after students who are using their works to impact the world. Furthermore, it promotes those who use their art to:

  • Pass a message that corrects a societal deficiency 
  • Effect positive change on the life of people in the society
  • Add beauty, colors, and energy to an area
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Art is a vital part of creation, and KBK is one of the scholarships for artists that recognizes this. 


The scholarship is worth over $1,000. Also, it adds value to the candidate’s artwork.


Any high school senior, an undergraduate, or graduate student is eligible. However, the candidate must be pursuing an art career and have a creative art portfolio. Moreover, those applying must have non-profit, or volunteering experience moved towards community development.

Application Process

Eligible candidates should apply by submitting their favorite artwork. Furthermore, they should accompany their submissions with an essay that shows how they can enhance the community using their art. Lastly, all submissions must come in before the deadline.

Greater than Gatsby Annual Scholarships

Moving to another level, the Greater than Gatsby Scholarship is one of the biggest in the art world. A family in Dallas established this award in 2015 for, specifically, aspiring photographers globally. Also, the company uses the funding medium to support other creative people and has gained a reputation worldwide.


The funding is worth a whopping $10,000. The winners shall receive this amount in a co-payable check sent to the school.


Interested persons must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be applying for an art-related course. These departments may include filming, fine arts, communications, multimedia, journalism, English, etc. However, there is an eye for photography.
  • The student must be an undergraduate or graduate scholar from a reputable college in the United States.
  • All candidates must be within the United States.
  • The candidates must be able to prove their identity through an ID or a driver’s license after winning the scholarship.
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Application Process

Interested candidates would need to submit three of their best photos. Also, they will need to attach an essay of 500 words.

The essay will describe their interest in the field of photography and the reasons behind their passions. If photography is not the main point, the essay should discuss your career choice.

Lastly, keep in mind that the essay matters a lot. The judges are after your essay.

Kress Interpretive Fellowship at Art Museums

Kress provides professional development opportunities within the American art museum. It encourages students to delve into interpretive careers in art as curators or educators. Furthermore, it expands the scope of art careers, providing more options to art history students and similar fields. 


The scholarship is worth over $30,000, along with other incentives. 


Eligible students must have a B. A, M. A, or Ph.D. in art history, education, and similar departments. Other requirements are available on the scholarship site. Therefore, candidates should kindly visit the site for more information. 

Application Process 

Application is through online means. Hence, applicants should ensure they get all necessary documents before the deadline. 

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