Scholarship For College Students 2023


The idea that scholarships are solely available to high school students is misleading. There are lots of attractive scholarship options available for present college students. One can use these scholarships for college students to cover costs such as books, laptops, room & board, fees, and tuition. However, this post will list thirty (30) Scholarships for College Students in 2023 and how to win college student scholarships.


Scholarship For College Students 2023

Scholarships for College Students 2023

With this list of scholarships, you can get free money to help with education expenses. These scholarships are excellent ways to assist high school and college students with their educational expenses.


These scholarships are a great location to start your search for free money because many have broad eligibility requirements.

Scholarships are similar to grants in that they are not returned. To maximize the availability of scholarships.

Here is the list of 30 Scholarships available in 2023, with their total amount and deadline:

Scholarship Name Amount Deadline
Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program Up to $7,500 January 27


AIAA Foundation Scholarships Varies  January 31
Army ROTC Scholarship Up to $500 April 1
Point Foundation Scholarship Up to $13,600 January 28
Ron Brown Scholars Program Up to $40,000 January 9
Gates Millennium Scholars Program Varies January 13
TheDream.US National Scholarship Up to $29,000 February 24
David Geffen Medical Scholarship Full Tuition Varies
Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway Up to $100,000 Varies



HSF Scholarship Up to $5,000 February 15
AACE International Scholarships Varies February 28
Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship Up to $10,000 February 20
NACE Foundation Scholarships Varies March 31
AFSA High School Scholarship Up to $20,000 April 6
American Indian College Fund Scholarship Varies May 31


James Beard Foundation Scholarship Up to $20,000 Varies


Best Mattress Reviews Sleep Scholarship $1,000 May 19
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program Up to $25,000 Varies


OppU Achievers Scholarship $2,500 Varies
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Up to $5,000 October 4
Horatio Alger National Scholarship Up to $25,000 October 25
Coca-Cola Scholars Program $20,000 October 31


GreenPal Business Scholarship $2,000 November 15
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Up to $40,000 November 16


Dell Scholars Program $20,000 December 1
Future Leaders of IT Scholarship $2,000 December 1
AXA Achievement Scholarship Up to $25,000 December 15


Burger King Scholars Program Up to $50,000 December 15


Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Up to $50,000 November 15


UNCF Scholarships Varies Varies

How to Win College Students Scholarships

Follow the few tips here below for searching for and winning college students scholarships and financial help as an active college student:

  • Apply too many scholarships to increase your odds of winning
  • Apply for need-based financial aid
  • Check your college’s office of financial assistance for scholarships
  • Study abroad scholarships
  • Look for departmental scholarships
  • If you win a scholarship, check to see if you must re-apply each year
  • Look into fellowships
  • Don’t forget local scholarships
  • Applying for scholarships is a terrific approach for college students to decrease their financial obligations.

 However, remember that additional ways to reduce your expenses exist. Also, it’s critical to start developing a solid financial history while you’re still in school.

To do this, applying for your first credit card is a terrific idea.

There are a lot of Scholarships for College Students available every year. What will hinder you from taking advantage of this beautiful gesture toward outstanding academic performance? It could be a lack of information.

Hence, this post has served that need of lack of adequate information patterning college student scholarship, which is available sometimes to aid people in need who desire to further their studies beyond the secondary level.    

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