Saratoga Hospital Patient Portal

Saratoga Hospital Patient Portal is a secure online health management tool that allows the patient to view their medical information at any point in time. Read on to find out more!!

saratoga hospital patient portal

The secure patient portal websites that Saratoga Hospital and Saratoga Hospital Medical Group engage in have two main goals:

1. To give you secure access to your personal medical records

2. And to give you a secure, online payment alternative for most of your medical expenses.

Saratoga Hospital Patient Portal

Saratoga Hospital takes the security of patient information and the privacy of medical records seriously, which is why these services are being provided.

You can securely access and see your medical records online from any location by clicking the link in their patient portal that takes you to a secure website made by HIXNY (Health Information Exchange of New York).

From any participating hospital or provider, including Saratoga Hospital, you can view your records here.

The secure patient portal at Saratoga Hospital gives you read-only access to your medical records.

You can access your recent stay summary, information on tests and other procedures, a list of your prescriptions, allergy details, and lab results.

Also, radiology and visit reports, and discharge instructions for your post-discharge care through this patient portal.

MEDENT Physician Practice Portals

These portals are in three segments and you can access any of your medical records from your doctor’s office, including your lab results, appointments, and diagnoses.

You can also use each one to obtain prescription refills and view or change your upcoming appointments.

Physician Practice Portals

This portal is a safe online health management tool that enables you to view your medical information from your doctor’s office

It also gives you access to the majority of the main practices and specialists within the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group.

Primary Care Malta and Scotia Patient Portal

You can examine your medical records from your doctor’s office within this practice by using the secure online health management service provided by Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Primary Care Malta and Scotia Glenville.

Saratoga OB/GYN at Myrtle Street Patient Portal

A safe online health management tool called the Saratoga OB/GYN at Myrtle Street Patient Portal enables you to access your medical records from the office of your doctor relating to this field.

Online Method of Payment

You can conveniently and safely pay your medical bills online thanks to the Saratoga Hospital Secure Online Payment Portal and the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group Payment Portal.

Please go to Billing and Insurance to access one of these two payment portals. There, you can also discover extra resources, such as details on financial aid.


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