Samuel Adegboyega University Cut off Mark and Tuition Fee

The Samuel Adegboyega University Cut off mark is now out. This is an important factor you have to consider before applying for admission into the University. Read on to learn their cut-off mark and their tuition fees.

Samuel Adegboyega University Cut off Mark


Samuel Adegboyega University Cut off Mark

Samuel Adegboyega University (SAU) has released its JAMB and Departmental Cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session. To secure admission, JAMB UTME candidates must attain a minimum UTME score of 180.

However, meeting this baseline SAU cut-off mark doesn’t guarantee entry into your preferred program.


Admission decisions depend on factors like Post UTME scores, O’Level grades, subject combinations, and JAMB scores, which play a crucial role in the highly competitive admission process at SAU.

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In 2023, SAU’s official cut-off mark remains set at 180, in alignment with the JAMB guidelines. Nevertheless, aspiring students should recognize that meeting this minimum cut-off doesn’t assure them a place in their desired degree program.

SAU’s admission process is fiercely competitive, with acceptance contingent on multiple criteria such as Post UTME scores, O’Level performance, subject combinations, and JAMB scores.

These factors collectively determine your chances of being admitted.


Samuel Adegboyega University Departmental Cut-off Marks

As of now, SAU has not officially released its Departmental Cut-off Marks for the 2023/2024 academic session. The figures provided below are speculative and should be verified through official sources:

1. SAU Faculty of Medical Sciences Cut-Off Mark: Medicine – 250 and above

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2. SAU Faculty of Law Cut-Off Mark: Law – 240 and above

3. SAU Faculty of Engineering Cut-Off Mark: Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, etc – 220 and above

4. SAU Faculty of Science Cut-Off Mark: Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Physics, Computer Science, Geology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, etc – 190 and above

It’s important to note that SAU’s admission process is fiercely competitive, and success hinges on achieving higher JAMB scores. Consequently, applicants should strive for excellence in all aspects to maximize their chances of admission.

How Much is Samuel Adegboyega University?

Samuel Adegboyega University (SAU) offers a relatively affordable option for private university education in Nigeria.

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The cost of admission at SAU typically falls within the range of N400,000 to N500,000, making it a reasonable choice for many students seeking a private university experience.

In addition to its affordability, SAU provides essential amenities that enhance the student experience.

The university offers on-campus accommodation, ensuring that students have a convenient and safe place to stay while pursuing their education.

Moreover, SAU boasts reliable infrastructure, including continuous access to clean water and consistent power supply, which are crucial for a conducive learning environment.

Samuel Adegboyega University’s Cut-off Mark is a crucial determinant for admission, reflecting the institution’s competitive standards. Aspiring students should aim for higher scores to enhance their chances of acceptance.


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