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Safe Sex Tips


Knowledge is power, and knowing why safer sex is important and how to approach it knowing that you’ve got a solid grounding in safer-sex basics will also mean you can relax and enjoy yourself more. After all, isn’t that what sex is supposed to be all abt?


Check For Air

Check your condom wrappers to make sure there is a little bit of air in the condom package before u open it. If the foil package is completely deflated, get another condom.

“That means the seal has been broken and the integrity of your barrier has been compromised!”



Don’t Go From Anal To Pussy

When you switch from anal penetration back to vaginal penetration, you have to clean your penis first.

“A woman’s vagina is extremely sensitive, and the bacteria form that transition can cause major infection if not cleaned properly”.

Forget porn.



 • Don’t Rely On Pulling Out

Pre-cum is just as potent with sperm as regular ejaculate. Always use some form of protection like a condom, even if you plan to pull out.

“It’s proven that pre-cum has just as much a likelihood of getting a woman pregnan as regularly finishing


(Ladies) Use Your Mouth

Use your mouth to put a condom on your man’s dick  by placing the tip just inside your mouth, so that the rolled up rim sits on the outside of your pursed lips.

“Pop it on the head & use ur tongue and lips to roll it down the sides”


Make Sure Your Condom Is Lube-Friendly

Use a lube that is condom-tested per ASTM condom compatibility guidelines as laid out by the FDA.

“Do not use Vaseline, baby oil, coconut or other body lotions that contain oil as lubricant”


• Be Careful When Removing The Condom

Putting the condom on properly is important, but you also want to remove it safely.

“Pull away from your partner while you’re still erect and remove it carefully before discarding of it”


• Store Your Condoms Properly

Condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place.

“If you keep them in your wallet or in your car, the heat will compromise the integrity of the (latex) material and increase the likelihood of breakage.”

This is what most of you guys do. Taking condoms in wallet everywhere you go…. When ur not MTN


• Don’t Rely On The Presence Or Absence Of Symptoms

You can have an STI and not exhibit obvious symptoms or know it until you’ve been tested.

“Get tested frequently if u have multiple partners or u don’t always use protection.”


Try An Internal Condom

This isn’t dependent on ur Dick size and will sit inside the vagina, it can be used with any type of lube, and doesn’t ve to be removed right away.

“You can also use it for water sex, and can be inserted up to 8 hour before sex so you can still be spontaneous.”


Take An Active Role In Making Your Sex Safer

Birth control and STI prevention isn’t just the responsibility of your lady. You can start the conversation, and you can make sure you’ve got condoms.

“There’s no need to rely on your lady to handle all the details alone”.


Be a Gentleman

Sweetheart Knowledge is power and it doesn’t hurt to have a little expert knowledge in your back pocket.


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