Sacred Training Institute Student Portal – How to Login and Features

You will need the Sacred Training Institute Student Portal to initiate any school-related tasks. It is recommended that all students know how to log in and access the Sacred Training Institute (STI) Student Portal. 

Sacred Training Institute Student Portal


Sacred Training Institute Student Portal

The Sacred Training Institute student portal is an online portal that serves as a hub for students to engage in various educational activities, including accessing their academic results.

The Sacred Training Institute (STI) Students Portal, facilitates registration for both new and returning students.


This online portal, designed by Sacred Training Institute, enables formal and prospective students to effortlessly perform essential academic activities.

These actions include creating an account, logging in, applying to the institution, reviewing available courses, checking admission status, accessing results, and more.

How to log in the Sacred Training Institute Student Portal

Follow the steps below to log into your student portal:

1. Visit the Sacred Training Institute student portal.

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2. Navigate to the Student Portal section.

3. Enter your login credentials, including username and password.

4. Click on the login button.

5. Access your academic information and perform various tasks within the student portal.

Features of Sacred Training Institute Student Portal

The portal has features for the faculties, staff members, and even the students. Let’s take a look at the features:

Faculty and Staff Features

1. Direct access to class schedules and advisees.

2. Access to software downloads, bookstores, and library resources.

3. Access to Accounts Payable, Budget Transfer, and Payroll forms.

4. Information on Purchasing, Student Accounts, Motor Vehicle use, and CT Entertainment Tax.

5. Access to Partnering for Performance and Interview Exchange.

6. Direct access to benefits websites such as Aetna, Fidelity, and TIAA.

7. Single Sign-On (SSO) for seamless access to various services.

Student Features

1. Direct access to class schedules and grades.

2. Academic support features including add/drop courses, academic holds, and advisor contact.

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3. Access to books, software, transcripts, and library resources.

4. Information on Club activities and NCAA Division I sports.

5. Details on on and off-campus work opportunities with timesheet submission on Dayforce.

6. Submission of requests for Facilities and construction and AV/Media services equipment.

7. Shuttle and IT Training workshop schedules.

8. Latest news and events on campus.

9. Integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Sacred Training Institute Courses Offered

The courses they offer at the Sacred Training Institute are as follows:

Diploma Courses

1. Early Childhood Development and Education (Early Childhood Development)

2. Community Development (Community Development)

3. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development)

4. Home Economics and Nutrition (Home Economics & Nutrition)

5. Horticulture (Horticulture)

6. Organic Agriculture (Organic Agriculture)

7. Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management)

8. Project Management (Project Management)

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9. Public Relations (Public Relations)

10. Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)

11. Business Management (Business Management)

12. Tourism Management (Tourism Management)

13. Agriculture (Agriculture)

14. Early Childhood Education (Early Childhood Education)

15. Early Childhood and Primary Education (Early Childhood & Primary Education)

16. Economics (Economics)

17. Social Work (Social Work)

18. Public Administration (Public Administration)

19. Information Communication Technology (ICT)

20. Supplies Management (Supplies Management)

21. Sales & Marketing (Sales & Marketing)

22. Banking and Finance (Banking and Finance)

Certificate Courses

1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

2. Accounting Technical Certificate (ATC)

3. Proficiency Certificate in Computer Applications (Computer Applications)

4. Early Childhood Education

5. Community Development (Community Development)

6. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development)

7. Business Management (Business Management)

8. Tourism Management (Tourism Management)

The Sacred Training Institute Student Portal is a user-friendly online platform tailored for the convenience of students, allowing them to undertake various academic tasks seamlessly.


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