Rockview University School Fees 2024/2025

The Rockview University School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session are out. All New and old Students are expected to check the school fees.

Rockview University School Fees


Prospective students are strongly advised to carefully examine the Rockview University school fees for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session.

Both new and returning students now have the opportunity to check their fixed school fees. Read on to find out.


Rockview University School Fees

Gathering information about Rockview University (RU) school fees has been a meticulous process, and we aim to provide you with the most straightforward way to access this information.

The Rockview University (RU) management has officially released the fee structure for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for the 2023/2024 academic year.

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Please take note of the following key points:

  • Registration necessitates the payment of fees.
  • All fees intended for the university should be deposited into the RU Directorate Account or paid by check into the same account.
  • Fees designated for student welfare and research costs should be paid directly to the student.
  • If a student decides to withdraw from their studies, it’s essential to be aware that tuition and other fees may not be refunded in full.

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Rockview University School Fees Structure

Below, you can find the amount payable as school fees for undergraduate students at the University for the 2023/2024 academic session;

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Programmes Tuition Fees
Diploma in Education K1,550 per Term
Diploma in Teaching Methodology K1,450 per Term
Diploma in Nursing K3,000 per Semester
Bachelor of Arts (Fulltime) K2,000 per Term
Bachelor of Arts (Distance) K2,000 per Term
Bachelor of Science (Fulltime) K2,000 per Term
Bachelor of Science (Distance) K2,000 per Term
Master’s Degree (General-Distance) K3,500 per Stage
Master’s Degree (Executive MBA) K7,950 per Stage
Ph.D. Degree (Distance) K6,500 per Stage
Diploma in Clinical Medicine K3,500 per Semester
Diploma in Short Courses K950 per Semester

Additionally, it’s worth noting that;

  • They offer bursaries of up to 100% to school leavers and professionals.
  • These bursaries are not loans and do not require repayment.
  • They are available for all study programs, including PhD, Masters, Bachelors, and Diploma programs.
  • Rockview University’s degrees aim to enhance employability and foster innovation.
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As you plan your academic journey at the University for the 2023/2024 academic session, remember to carefully review the fees.

These fees are essential for your registration and university experience. Stay informed and make the most of your education at Rockview University.


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