Riara University Student Portal – How to Login and Features

The Riara University Student Portal is what every student of Riara University needs to carry out most of their academic tasks. So, learn how to log in and access the features of your student portal.

Riara University Student Portal


Riara University Student Portal

The Riara University (RU) Student Portal is simply an online portal that serves as a virtual space where students can engage in various educational activities, including accessing their academic results.

The Student Portal at Riara University, along with the Application Portal, facilitates essential functions for both prospective and enrolled students.


The Riara University Students Portal encompasses the RU Portal and registration processes for both new and returning students.

It streamlines academic actions such as institution applications, checking available courses, verifying admission status, reviewing results, and more.

How to Log into the Riara University Student PortalĀ 

Follow the steps below to log into your student account:

1. Launch your preferred internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other.


2. Navigate to the official RU student portal.

3. Sign in by entering your username and password.

4. Upon successful login, you gain access to a range of academic activities and resources.

By following these steps, you can easily log in to the Riara University Student Portal and take advantage of its features for a seamless academic experience.

Features of Riara University Student Portal

The features of the RU student portal are as follows:

1. You can easily register for your courses through the intuitive online platform.

2. Students can conveniently settle their fees online, ensuring a hassle-free financial transaction.

3. They can also access and review your semester results effortlessly on the university’s student portal.

4. Checking your admission status and printing your admission letter can be done through the online portal.

5. Students can complete their acceptance fee payment efficiently using the Ezoic platform.

6. They can also obtain your academic transcript with a simple download process on the university’s portal.

7. You will also stay informed about important dates and events throughout the semester by accessing the academic calendar online.

8. Students can easily apply for additional credit hours to enhance their academic experience.

9. They can also request and process admission deferments smoothly through the university’s administrative channels.

Riara University Courses Offered

The courses offered at the Riara University are as follows:

1. Literature

2. English

3. Mathematics

4. History

5. Geography

6. Kiswahili

7. Business Studies

8. Religious Studies

9. Computer Studies

10. International Relations and Diplomacy

Just follow the steps outlined above to log in and access all the features that the RU student portal has to offer. Embrace the digital age and navigate your university life with the RU Student Portal at your fingertips.


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