Resolution Challenges In Relationship



Many relationships break down because they are not able to exhaustively and thoroughly solve the problems, challenges and disagreements that arise.

[KJV] – Job 5:7


Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.

It is only natural for two people of different cultures, backgrounds, trainings and exposure to come together in a relationship to face some discrepancies in decision making, attitudes and thought patterns etc. In fact it is unnatural for two people to be in a relationship to have all things 100% peaceful and smooth… That is not natural

But when problems arise, as it should, the couple must be able to clear the issues and solve them at the roots so they can move on.

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A good relationship is able to overcome problems and use the problem as a stepping stone for higher heights.


If you see any relationship or marriage that has stood the test of time and looks beautiful, it should tell you that those involved have learnt the act of solving problems and moving on.

A good relationship does not mean everything is always well, it means those involved have learnt to make things well when the unwell issues show up

If you are in a relationship and a problems come, there are things you need to do and things you need not to do if you want the relationship to continue. There are things you need to say and things that must not be said in the face of the problem. Till we know the balance between this two, problems are likely to have an upper hand over the relationship

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Whenever a relationship has a problem, the following things must be done by those involved :

(1) Anyone offended must come out and express their hurting without prejudice or malice. Just let your partner know that you are being offended and clearly states what offended you and annoy you.

(2) When someone is offended, the other partner must be wise to give a listening ear. Hear them out so you know what their worry is.

(3) Then both offender and offended must give 100% of their commitment towards resolving the problem

(4) Where there need to be an apology, explanation or clarification, the parties responsible must do so genuinely and whole-heartedly

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(5) Problems in a relationship must be resolved as soon as they happen. The longer they delay, the more complicated it becomes.

(6) When a problem is solved in a relationship, the couple must learn useful lessons so that offences are not repeated.


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