Recommended Master Degree in Human Resources Online For You

A reputable online master’s degree in human resources is a great option for professionals moving up their position on the corporate ladder. Taking a master’s degree online is a solution to maintaining a career and elevating it at the same time.


Universities Recommendations for Master in Human Resources Degree Online



HR managers are responsible for many things related to employees and other people outside the company. The position does more than hire new employees. Managing may require experience, yet Human Resources managers with their master’s degree can enhance that expertise. Here are some Universities to do that.


1. Georgetown University

A Master’s degree allows students to get advanced knowledge and expertise in HR. One of the places to do it is the famous Georgetown University. The program is done 100% Online with Self-Paced Classes. That way student can grow their career and develop academically at the same time.


Georgetown master in human resources online emphasizes critical thinking for managing an organization. The curriculum focus on HR analytics and technology, strategic human capital management, and global human resources management.


2. University of Southern California

USC’s online program lays the foundation to understand human resource principles and their implementation. Learners will explore the whole management of the people, inside and outside the corporate. The one or two years is done fully online with a self-paced curriculum that allows managers to multitask.

The master’s degree in HR highlight the ability to do management changes and development. Applicants need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a master’s in Human Resources. They also need to submit GPA scores and also other requirements.


3. Boston University

The Massacuchette-based University has a complete program in Human Resources. The private University has accreditation that helps to gain a master’s degree from a well-respected source. The program is done fully – online which gives flexibility for its students to fulfill their class credit in their own time.

BU has is considered one of the US top online master Universities, particularly for human resources majors. The online program teaches students to improve productivity in the company. The BU online master program is as good as the on-campus one. It teaches advanced business foundations, especially in human resources development.


4. Florida International University

A master’s degree and reputable University where you get it can make a person’s profile even more spectacular. It is what you need to land a managerial position or to climb the corporate ladder. Even more, an online master class can give the flexibility that a busy student needed.

FIU holds accreditation from Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business which makes its certificate acceptable in the real world. The master’s degree in FIU offers close attention to science in human resource management and also analytics and wellness management.


5. Avila University

This University is located in Kansas City, Missouri. However, if you take its online program, you can study from anywhere in the world. The AU has an excellent master’s degree in Human resources that is taught completely online.

The major offer is for Master’s of Science in Organizational Development-Strategic Human Resources. It has a small class with a ration one lecturer for 12 students. AU is known as one of the best choices for an online masters in HR management.

Students will learn deeper in the HR world such as doing promotion, changes, developing leadership, and handling conflicts. AU offers the ability to start, pause, and continue the master’s study on their schedule.



6. Briar Cliff University

The Iowa – based University offers only an online Master of Arts in HR Management. The student and faculty have an 11 to 1 ratio and excellent materials for its students. The top value HR master’s online from Briar Cliff University has one of the cutting-edge programs with a dynamic platform.

The accredited by the SHRM aligns with amazing academic guidelines. The BCU has years of experience in Human Resources added with an excellent master’s program. Therefore, BCU can be one of the options to consider if you decided to take a master’s degree.


7. Ottawa University

A master’s in Human resources at Ottawa University means a low-cost online degree program. The accelerated program has one of the best in the field with a small class, fully online with unique features such as Leadership Development or Population Health/Health Care Management.

The flexible program focuses on many things such as benefits administration, employment law, and human resources perspective. Graduates are suitable to hold a high position in the company such as head of the administrator and human resources manager.


8. Belhaven University

The University offers a Master of Science in Leadership with a Human Resources Concentration. BU offers a high-quality online master with a biblical worldview. Students will finish 36-credit hours of the lesson performed fully online.

The short online meeting develops a program with study about coaching, mentoring, and also resolving conflicts. Moreover, a master’s degree also gives students experience’s in organizational change and strategic leadership in a small class and of course, online.


9. University of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio, Texas

This is another affordable University with one of the best Master of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership. UIW gain its acceleration from SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidelines which added its positive side.

Students can complete several small classes with materials such as organizational consulting, strategic leadership, and interventions in organizational development.


10. Saint Joseph’s University

This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based University offers a master’s degree in Strategic HR Management online. SJU is a pioneer in online learning with the best values ​, particularly ​in HR education. SJU offers Bachelor’s and master’s degrees online.

The program covers all aspects of HR management for any master’s student. The small virtual class, easy connection with professors and peers plus real-world HR experience. The master’s degree can be fulfilled within a year or more.


That are several master’s degrees in human resources online that you can be considered. The option is from the most affordable to the most prestigious one. With an online master’s degree on the table, there will be more people taking further education. That way, there will be more people with excellent skill and education backgrounds in the human resources area.


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