Qatar To Improve Ties With Ghana

In honor of the Qatari National Day, Qatar Charity Ghana reaffirmed its commitment to establishing deeper ties with the Ghanaian community.

In collaboration with the Qatar Embassy, the Qatar Charity Ghana Office used the National Independence Day celebration to reaffirm Qatar’s commitment to promoting peace, unity and increasing human dignity.


The day was also set aside to emphasize Qatar’s contribution to Ghana’s national advancement.



The celebration of Qatar’s independence, which took place last Friday, drew residents of Qatar, friends of Qatar, certain government representatives, and other visitors.

It also brought together a large number of those who benefited from Qatar Charity projects in the nation.



The Qatar Charity Ghana Office Director, Hassan Owda, noted that it was necessary to mark the celebration with the beneficiaries because it reaffirmed their support to them.


“We are recommitting, assuring that we still support our people in the country through different sectors and various kinds of projects,” he said.


Every year on December 18, Qatar Independence Day, commonly referred to as Qatar National Day, is observed.


The event honors Qatar’s unity in 1878.

According to Mr. Owda, “commitment, cooperation, innovation, and respect” were key components in Qatar’s path to independence.


These, according to him, were the fundamental ideas that guided them in realizing their goal of creating “a society where only humans have the rights to live in peace and dignity.”


“It is in line with this vision that we try to work in diverse sectors to improve human lives,” Mr Owda added.


The Qatar Charity has, via its partners, supported the development of the nation through initiatives including the construction of schools, clinics, and boreholes in some regions.


The non-governmental organization has also supported children’s education in addition to providing assistance in a number of other areas, such as housing, mosquitoes, water and sanitation, health, education, and housing.


Mr. Owda pointed out that the charity’s “Child Welfare Program” has provided over 5,000 orphans in the nation with various scholarships.


He expressed the hope that as time went on, the number of kids who would get the scholarship would rise to 10,000.


Also, he said, the organisation would expand their interventions by coming up with innovative, creative and dignified projects like building more schools and clinics in areas that were hard to reach.


“This will constitute the 126 projects for the coming year. It will further strengthen the bilateral relationship and development cooperation between Ghana and Qatar,” Mr Owda stated.


At the event, the charity presented school bags and stationeries to more than 100 brilliant but needy children who were present.


The Social Welfare Manager, Qatar Charity Ghana, Dr Mohammed Hafiz Amadu, said the donation would be extended to orphans in different parts of the country.


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