Pediatric Associates Patient Portal

Are you interested in learning more about the pediatric associates patient portal? However, provides patients with simple treatment, and round-the-clock access to their personal health information through a secure online gateway. Hence, you shall everything about the pediatric associates patient portal as you read through.

Pediatric Associates Patient Portal


Pediatric Associates Patient Portal

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the best, most complete medical care possible.

From infancy to age 21, we aim to be your family’s one-stop shop for bringing up happy, healthy kids.


For over 60 years, parents have chosen Pediatric Associates to care for their children.

We take great pride in our steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare that is both inexpensive and accessible.

With on-site services, such as lab and X-ray, free support groups, help to manage chronic diseases, educational and safety workshops, and events.

Most significant hospitals employ our doctors, and most insurance companies are accepted at our office.


How to Access the Patient Portal

To register for the patient portal, you must speak with our office.

Click here to access your portal account anytime, anywhere if you have already received your initial invitation via email.

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Hence the patient portal enables established patients who are minors of 17 years of age or less.

Established patients who are adults 18 years of age or older, and established patients who are minors who can legally care for themselves to examine health data such as

1. View Medication History

2. View Test Results

3. Immunization Records

4. Print or email to daycares and schools

5. Track Your Child’s Growth

6. Track the Date of your child’s last physical exam.

After registering and receiving Secure Access, Parents and Patients will have access to the following advantages:

a. Request prescription refills

b. Exchange secure e-mail

c. Schedule non-urgent appointments

4. Your phone number and address.

Once you have received your email invitation, follow the instructions for the patient portal.

We work hard to give our patients the finest treatment imaginable.

To change your Patient Portal password, click the link below.

Resources for Existing Patients

Our main goal is to help you and your family in whatever way we can.

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This Resource Center was created as an easy-to-access repository of documents, videos, websites, and account management portals that have proven useful to our patients throughout time.

Asthma, allergies, ADHD, and rheumatologic disorders are just a few of the conditions we frequently treat; you may also locate information centers for these conditions here.

Please call us or use our online form if you have any queries.

Expecting Parents

There are many exciting and significant decisions to be made as you get ready for the birth of your new baby.

The selection of a pediatrician is one of them. There is no better sense of calm than knowing that you have chosen well for both you and your child.

Pediatric Associates has developed into a reputable medical group providing care for generations of Floridians since we initially opened our doors in 1955.

Hence, the company is committed to providing the best treatment in a caring and healthful atmosphere, and we have convenient locations all across the state.

Every visit will be a pleasant experience for you and your family thanks to the expertise, compassion, and dedication of our pediatricians and staff.

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What Should You Never Say to a Pediatrician?

1. Avoid making promises you might not keep: Although parents will want to calm a youngster who is anxious about needles, it is much worse to make a promise the doctor cannot follow.

2. Don’t be overly diplomatic: You could believe that a doctor placing a stethoscope on your chest is not a big deal.

However, if a little child is yelling about it, it is to him. It doesn’t validate his sentiments to tell him that this isn’t painful or even enjoyable.

3. There is no such thing as a quickie. It’s not fair to the other kids waiting outside the office while you cram two kids into one visit.

Lastly, the Pediatric Associates Patient Portal is a valuable tool that promotes simple communication between parents and healthcare providers.

Hence, easy access to medical records and appointment scheduling enhances the overall pediatric healthcare experience for families.

However, explore the availability of information.


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