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Marketing is one of the few professions that adapt well to digital life. Digital marketing is a development of common marketing to meet today’s challenges, especially for internet usage. Therefore, if you take an online course for digital marketing it perfectly makes sense.


Recommended Free Online Course For Digital Marketing With Certificate



Digital marketing is another name for a profession that you can do online. The certificate may not hold much use as your daily performance and sales result is often become the benchmark of your success. However, getting into the profession and knowing your way around the field can be a good place to start. Here are some of the best free online courses with a certificate for digital marketing.


1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google 

The Google free online course is the go-to for digital marketing. It ranks number in many charts for good reason. Google itself is a representative of digital marketing. The course covers many aspects of digital marketing that are suitable for beginners with no marketing background as well as an intermediate that want to deepen their skill and comes for the free certification. Industry-recognized this certification due to Google’s large name in the digital world.



2. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course by Hubspot Academy

This four-hour free online course is for digital marketers who intended to focus on their inbound efforts. The comprehensive course consists of 10 lessons accompanied by 34 videos and 9 quizzes. The free course is tailored for beginners. After participants complete their course, they will be awarded official certification from HubSpot Academy free of charge.

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3. Free Diploma in E-Business by Alison

Alison is the first massive online open course platform on the web. Therefore, taking one of their course will be highly beneficial. The Diploma in E-Business course is free of charge and packed with marketing skills knowledge through Google Analytics and AdWords and many other up-to-date digital measurements. Participants will get a free certificate after 10 hours of class and pass the final test.


4. Become an Online Marketing Manager by LinkedIn Learning 

This is a more advanced course that lasts for 24 hours. LinkedIn Learning provides an intermediate lesson for those who already have the basics in marketing. The skills obtained from the course are designed for the more advanced marketer. The material includes advanced branding, SEO foundations, and the use of Google Analytics and AdWords


5. Digital Marketing Strategy by The University of Edinbur

This digital marketing course is offered by one of the best universities in Scotland through Edx. Participants will experience engaging training for several hours a week. The whole online course will be completed in 8 weeks. The syllabus is comprehensive and free but the certificate is not. You can obtain the certificate via edX


6. Digital Strategy and Action by Babson College through edX

This free course is a guideline to some of the biggest e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Google. Digital Marketer will learn about making strategies and Actions by a real example. Participants will learn how the CEOs of these giant companies transfer a simple idea and gain billions in revenue. Moreover, the course also features inspiring in-depth case studies and the tips and tricks that large corporations do to maintain their name in the industry

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7. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies by Course

The free 15 hours course focus on seven-part divided in chunked to understand Digital marketing better and easier. The Digital Media and Marketing Strategies course will teach its participants the basics of online and video marketing and also The basics of email and social media marketing. This is a more suitable course for a beginner due to its small material that participants will be able to study.


8. Digital Marketing Strategy by Forbes

The well-known publication company launched its own free certified online course in digital marketing. This course can be accessed freely within 14 days with a trial. The course is self-paced, so participants can learn the material based on their own time and activities. The course covers the basic elements to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.


9. Quick Tips and Tricks to Learn Digital Marketing in no Time by Skillshare

Participants can gain so much from the course offered via Skillshare. The free course consists of 37 short lessons from the Skillshare platform. Some of the most exciting lessons include keyword research, YouTube SEO techniques, Google AdWords and Analytics, and Email marketing. Many people love it because the material are well delivered.


10. Internet Marketing for Smart People

This is a free online course with no certificate. Participants can learn digital marketing from one of the best platforms in the online community. The course focus on content strategy divided into 20 modules delivered via email. There are eBook bonuses to enhance your digital marketing skills. There many be no certificates but the course is free.

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11. Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training 

This online course is provided by optinmonster digital academy a reputable internet marketing. The participant will learn more about digital marketing topics on the focus to get traffic to your website. Moreover, you also will learn how to do conversions after gaining your traffic.


12. The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing by Quicksprout University

This is the right platform for you that want to understand online marketing better without paying a dime. Quicksprout is famous for its free packed full of resources. The course is a part e-book with 13 basic guides to master every aspect of the digital marketing world. Participants learn according to their own pace, so this is the ideal course for you the self-taught learner. You can jump-start the lesson that interests you the most and finish all the lessons according to your time.


There are many free online courses you can take to learn more about digital marketing. Some courses are more Introductory to the profession while other courses are more in-depth with the focus on a real example from large companies in the internet industry. You can look into these courses and find which suits you the best.


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