NTC Portal Registration: A Simple Guide to Accessing Online Services

Discover the seamless process of NTC portal registration and gain access to a wealth of online services. This piece provides a step-by-step guide for effortless registration, making it easier for you to navigate the NTC portal and unlock its benefits.

NTC Portal Registration


NTC Portal Registration

Are you tired of standing in long queues or spending valuable time traveling just to access government services? With the NTC portal registration, you can now say goodbye to these inconveniences and embrace the digital era.


NTC (National Teaching Council) has developed an online portal that offers a wide range of services at your fingertips. Here, we will guide you through the simple steps to register for the NTC portal, empowering you to access online services with ease.

The NTC portal is a centralized platform designed to provide citizens with convenient access to various government services.

By registering for the NTC portal, you can streamline processes, save time, and enjoy the benefits of digital transactions. From making payments to tracking service requests, the portal offers a comprehensive suite of services.

Who Should Apply to Take the Licensure Exam?

1. All prospective applicants who hold a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), or a Master of Education (M.Ed) and are looking for work as teachers. The applicants must fill out the application for the license examination online at


2. The NTC Examination may be taken at the center of the candidate’s choice by all of the aforementioned candidates who graduated in 2022 or earlier.

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3. Candidates who took the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination but did not pass all of the papers may sign up to retake the test.

Registration Fees


1. New applicants must pay GH 350.00 to sign up for the test.

2. Candidates who need to retake an exam must pay GH 150.00 for one (1) retake paper.

3. Candidates who must retake two (2) exams must pay GH 210.00.

4. Candidates who need to retake all three (3) exams must pay GHC 350.00.

How to Purchase E-Vouchers

1. Payment can be made at any branch location countrywide for GCB Bank LTD and Prudential Bank Ltd.

2. Candidates who plan to retake one, two, or three papers must tell the Bank that they are new students.

3. MOMO The NTC GTLE short code *772*51# can be used to make payments.

Notification: Prior to registering, candidates are urged to check their status here.

How to Register for the NTC Licensure Examinations

Those that meet the requirements should follow the steps below:

1. Visit the NTC Portal and click the “New Registration” option to start the NTC registration procedure. But if you are resitting for the examination, click on the “Resit Registration” tab.

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2. Next, to log in, enter the Serial Number and PIN found on the voucher payment receipt that was handed to you by the bank or that you bought online.

3. After logging in, you will need to select an exam center. If you choose and submit this page by mistake, you cannot modify your exam location.

4. The NTC registration portal opens after selecting a region. Enter your personal information on this page, including your name, contact information, address, educational background, program of study, class rank, and profile photo. Next, click “Submit.”

5. Following form submission, a printout page includes information about your exam and a tentative schedule.

6. You would bring this to the exam hall/location you will take the exam.

How to Check Results on the NTC Registration Portal

To verify your outcome, take the following actions:

1. First, visit the result-checking site.

2. On the result-checking screen, look for the “Serial Number” field.

3. Enter your unique serial number in the designated field. This number is typically provided to you when you receive your examination details or registration confirmation.

4. Find the “Pin” field and enter the corresponding pin associated with your serial number.

5. Make sure the data you entered is accurate by checking it twice.

6. To continue with the result-checking procedure, click the “Submit” button.

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How to Recover Your Forgotten Details

Follow these procedures to retrieve your information using the “Log in with Examination ID and Phone Number” or “Log in with Email and Phone Number” options:

First, visit the portal and click on “Forgotten details”.

Login with Examination ID and Phone Number

1. Locate the “Examination ID” field on the login page.

2. Enter your unique Examination ID in the designated field.

3. Locate the “Phone Number” field, then type the phone number connected to your account.

4. Verify again that the data you entered is correct.

5. The next step in the login procedure is to click the “Submit” button.

Login with Email and Phone Number:

1. On the login page, find the “Email” field.

2. Fill up the area with the email address linked to your account.

3. Enter your account’s phone number in the “Phone Number” section after locating it.

4. Check the veracity of the information you entered.

5. Click the “Submit” button to proceed with the login procedure.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed your NTC registration and unlocked a world of convenience.

Remember to keep your login credentials secure and stay updated with the latest announcements from NTC. Embrace the digital era and enjoy the benefits of NTC’s user-friendly portal. Happy exploring!


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