Northwell Health Patient Portal (Desktop and Mobile App Navigation)

Northwell Health Patient Portal (Desktop and Mobile App Navigation): You can access time- and effort-saving online features by creating a Northwell account (sign up or log in). Hence, you can access FollowMyHealth through your account home, which integrates with your Northwell account to provide you better access to your medical information from Northwell and other healthcare providers.

Northwell Health Patient Portal (Desktop and Mobile App Navigation)


Northwell Health Patient Portal

The Northwell Health Patient Portal is an essential online platform that empowers patients with convenient access to their medical information.


It, however, gives access to patients to view their health records, test results, and appointments, and communicate securely with healthcare providers.

Nevertheless, promoting active involvement in their care and fostering a patient-centered approach to healthcare management within the Northwell Health system.

The FollowMyHealth site aims to give users access to health data, learning resources, and communication options. It is not meant to give medical advice.

hence, with your account, you can easily:


1. View, schedule, and manage appointments

2. Find pre-visit forms

3. Manage your account preferences


4. View and pay bills

5.. View prescriptions and lab results

6. Access notes from doctor appointments

7. Email your physician directly

8. Review discharge instructions after a hospital stay

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FollowMyHealth Patient Portal Guide

Managing your personal health information is simple and straightforward with the FollowMyHealth® (FMH) patient portal. Use this guide to access FollowMyHealth’s website or mobile application.

On Desktop

You can see the most recent alterations to your medical file in the homepage’s action center.

Navigate between the tabs by selecting the Health tab at the top of the page. Every time the care team changes your information, conditions, medications, allergies, immunizations, and vital signs will also be updated.

For Mobile App 

The Action Center on the main screen contains the most recent changes to your medical data.

Navigate the folders by selecting the My Health icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to Send a Secure Message

To your Provider on a Desktop

1. On the home screen, click Send a Message. It will list all of your doctors in the Compose Secure Message window that opens.

2. Select the organization if requested, then browse the list of doctors and click on the doctor you want to send a message to. After that, click the Continue button at the window’s bottom.

3. After entering your message and a topic, click Send.

To your Provider on the Mobile App

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1. Click the pencil symbol in the top right corner after selecting the Messages icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. To choose your provider, click the plus symbol in the To field.

3. After entering your message and a topic, click Send.

How to Request a Prescription Refill on Desktop

1. Select the Medications tab from the “My Health” menu at the top of the screen.

2. To access the window for renewing a prescription, click the RX button next to the drug.

3. Verify the pharmacy information is correct. Fill out the Comments field with any comments. (Optional)

4. Select “Send” from the menu.

How to Update Your Information

Your Demographics on Desktop

1. On the FMH screen, click the My Account link at the top and choose My Info from the drop-down menu.

2. Update the necessary data. After making any necessary adjustments, click the Send button.

3. On the pop-up confirmation window informing you that the request was sent, click the OK button.

Your DemographicsOn Mobile App

1. Select the More button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2. Click on My Account.

3. Choose Edit in the top right corner after selecting the item that needs to be altered. Press the Save button once all the changes have been completed.

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4. You have finished updating. To edit the information and email it to Northwell Health, click Send.

How to Update Information on Northwell Health Patient Portal

Your Insurance on Desktop:

1. Select My Info from the drop-down menu after clicking the My Account link at the top of the FMH page.

2. However, select the Insurance tab and make the updates. Once all alterations have been completed, click the Send button.

Your Insurance on the Mobile App:

1. Select My Account by clicking the More icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose the information you need to change under Insurance Policies.

3. Also, click Edit in the top right corner to amend your information, and then click Save.

4. Click Provide to send Northwell Health the corrected information. Your revision is finished.

Finally, consult your doctor if you require any medical advice, or personal guidance, or have any concerns about your health. doctor’s office right away if you have an emergency medical issue.

However, explore the information you have read.


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