Nature Creations To Visit In Ghana

Ghana is a nature lover’s nation with lots of excellent sites to visit and things to do. Volta Region is home to various community-based ecotourism sites and provides many outdoor opportunities for hiking, rambling, and mountain biking. Popular natural attractions in this area include glorious forests, waterfalls, rivers, the tallest peak on Mount Afadjato, and friendly animals.



Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi Botanical Gardens is one natural tourist attraction site that receives a significant number of visitors, especially during the high season. The gardens offer an appealing and artistic experience. The entrance path is well-decorated with royal trees and other exotic and local flowers with a sweet scent. The Aburi Botanical Gardens is home to patterned plant collections, butterflies, and birds.



It is easier to explore these gardens walking alone using a map. The gardens have many bikes; therefore, you can hire one to cycle around the 160-acre garden. It is a must-visit site for many Ghanaians and all nature-lover visiting Ghana.


Boti Falls


Waterfalls are popular attractions sites, especially in Ghana. Watching water cascade from a higher to a lower altitude is exciting. Boti Falls is commonly described as male and female because the two falls meet during the rainy season as a result of the high flow. The meeting of the falls is known as a mating ceremony, and many people visit these falls to witness this ceremony. Visitors must climb more than seventy staircases to view the splendor of Boti Falls.


Relax at the Beaches

The gorgeous palm-lined beaches along the Atlantic Coastline are among Ghana’s natural attractions. Ada Foah is a beautiful beach on the Volta inlet, an important nesting site for vanishing marine turtles. The beaches around Elmina and Cape Coast are the best for visitors who want to sunbathe and get to see historical sites such as slave castles and forts. Besides, you can swim and surf at these beaches.


Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga is a sacred crocodile sanctuary situated in the northeastern region. The crocodiles at Paga are friendly and live in harmony with human beings despite crocodiles being dangerous animals. It is normal to Paga residents and a mystery to tourists.


The friendliness of these animals with this region’s residents continues to perplex many people’s minds. It is unacceptable to harm, kill or even disrespect the crocodiles of Paga.

Feeding these crocodiles with chicken or a bird makes it easier to interact with them. It is very common to find young children and tourists sitting while holding the tale of a crocodile without any fear.


Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Shai Hills Resource Reserve comprises a beautiful range of rocky hills in the middle of the spacious wooded grassland plain. It offers gorgeous scenic views across the Accra Plain, especially when you are at the top. The rocks are noticeable in various places as beautiful and large.

This resource reserve has various animal species and is well-fenced to prevent animals from escaping. Besides, there is another popular isolated hill ridge of Hornblende gneiss bordered by the region of Accra Plain Savannah.


Boabeng Sanctuary

Boabeng Sanctuary is a community a based site situated at Boabeng and Fiema in the Nkoranza district. The sanctuary is home to the sources of the streams that supply the people living around this area. Besides, this sanctuary has several Black and white Colobus, Mona, spot nosed monkeys, and various bird species.


The locals view the monkeys in this sanctuary as the children of the community’s gods; hence they are not hunted or killed. The coordination of traditional restrictions and their communal enforcement protected the monkeys for many years.


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