National Rental Assistance Scheme: How To Apply Successfully

The National Rental Assistance Scheme was established by The Government of Ghana in 2023 to address and correct Rent Advance problem that has placed an undue financial burden on the people of Ghana for far too long.

The pilot phase will cover Greater Accra, Ashanti, Western, Eastern, Bono East, and Northern regions.




Government through the Ministry of Works and Housing on January 31, 2023, launched the National Rental Assistance Scheme with a GH¢30 million commitment under a pilot phase.

Under the scheme, rent payment advances will be made for applicants who are either in the process of renewing, renting a room/apartment or a complete house.


Government adds that the scheme will provide low-interest loans to eligible Ghanaians to enable them to pay rent advances, which will be repaid on a monthly basis to match the tenure of the rent.


The long term vision of the scheme is completely eliminate the undue burden that advance rent places on the Ghanaian renter.



Why Was The National Rental Assistance Scheme Established?

• Ghanaians have been burdened with payment of Rent Advances for far too long. Landlords and property owners have demanded advance payments of rent in excess of 3 years from potential renters.

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• This undue burden has been partly due to shortage of affordable housing as both government and private developers have been unable to construct enough of these type of housing to accommodate the growth and demand for these types of housing needs.

• It is currently estimated that there exists a deficit of about 5 million rooms in Ghana as of December 2023; assuming each room is shared by 2 occupants. And this deficit is expected to get worse as the population grows and rural-urban migration continues.



Based on these factors, National Rental Assistance Scheme was formed to offer rent relief to the ordinary Ghanaian renter; making it possible for rent payments to be made on monthly basis as rent is mostly paid throughout the world.


How Does The National Rental Assistance Scheme Work?

National Rental Assistance Scheme focuses on paying your Rent Advance directly to the landlord that you pay back in monthly installments.

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To get started;

• complete an online or paper application and submit your proof of income, employment, identification, one passport picture and an application processing fee of 100 cedis.

•National Rental Assistance Scheme will verify the authenticity of your submitted application and supporting documents.

•In 5 to 10 business days, National Rental Assistance Scheme will evaluate your affordability for the rent amount being sort and notify of your application acceptance or denial.

• If your application is accepted, National Rental Assistance Scheme will advice you to begin apartment or room search and rent advance payment made directly to the Landlord as soon as possible.

•After rent advance payment is made, you will be obligated to make your low and affordable monthly rent payment to National Rental Assistance Scheme at the beginning of each month..


Step 1

Complete and submit your online or paper application.


Step 2

Submit proof of identification, income and employment.


Step 3

Upon approval within 5 to 10 business days, your rent advance will be paid directly to your landlord.


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Some Common Advantages Of Signing Up with National Rental Assistance Scheme

Pay monthly rent and use your savings for land purchase

Pay monthly rent and use your savings to build your dream house

Pay monthly rent and use your savings to buy a car

Pay monthly rent and keep your savings for a rainy day (Emergency)

Live comfortably without the stress of saving for your next home

Pay monthly rent and live where you want to.



How To Check If You Qualify For The National Rental Assistance Scheme

To check if you qualify for assistance, you can use the calculator here and enter your details as shown in the picture below; Click Here To Check If You Qualify!


How To Contact The National Rental Assistance Scheme For Assistance

You can contact The National Rental Assistance Scheme through their email or their telephone numbers 055 134 1515 / 020 908 9388 / 055 040 8879 / 020 908 9790


Are you interested in working for National Rental Assistance Scheme? Please email for more details!


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