Mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.




1 – A stone from the pyramid weighs between 2 and 15 tons.



2 – The number of stones in the pyramid is about 3 million.


3- The weight of the granite stone on the roof of the Chamber of the King is its 70 tons weight! (And no one knows how the pharaohs created it, despite its enormous size.)



4 – The height of the pyramid is 149.4 meters, and the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 149.4 million kilometers (one of the mysterious secrets of the pharaohs).


5 – The entrance corridor of the pyramid points to the North Pole star And the inner corridor refers to the star Sirius.


6- If you put a piece of meat in the pyramidal chamber, it will dry from the liquids, but it will not rot (the secret is ambiguous).

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7 – The circumference of the pyramid divided by the height of the pyramid is equal to 3.14. This number is considered an unusual number in mathematics, called the mathematical constant (i), and is widely used in mathematics and physics.


8- The pyramid lit up at night because it was covered with a radioactive substance.


9 – The position of the three pyramids is equivalent to three stars in the sky called the belt of the mighty.


10 – One day a year, the sun’s rays infiltrate the Great Pyramid, which is the Pharaoh’s birthday.


11 – The pharaonic daggers inside the pyramid chambers do not rust and do not lose the edge of the blade despite the passage of thousands of years on them (the secret is not known by scientists to this day).

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12 – In some rooms of the pyramid, the devices stop working and their signals are cut, and the reason is unknown.


13 – The site of the pyramids is located on the same line that connects the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean and the Formosan Triangle in the Pacific Ocean. Both triangles contain strange things like disappearing ships and planes and breaking the compass.


14 – Inside the Great Pyramid there are 3 rooms, two of them are above ground and the other is underground, and Mirabeau is the genius engineer who built this pyramid. It took 20 years to build and cost around 100,000 workers.

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15. The four corners of the base of the pyramid point to the Earth’s original directions with a surprising precision that made scientists adjust their calculations in the 20th century.


16 – The orbit that passes through the center of the pyramid divides the continents and oceans into two halves of exactly the same size.


17 – Hot razors become sharp as a sword if they stay several days inside the pyramid (the reason is confusing and incomprehensible).


18 – Scientists say that what has been discovered of the relics and secrets of the pharaohs so far is just a drop in a vast ocean.



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