Mukuba University Courses and Available Programs

Discover Mukuba University Courses and make the most of your educational journey. There are a variety of options available, including Short Courses and Distance Learning programs.

Mukuba University Courses


Mukuba University Courses

The official list of undergraduate, diploma, and certificate courses available at Mukuba University (MU) in Zambia for the 2023/2024 academic year has been released and is now accessible.

Prospective students interested in applying for admission to the university can review the list of courses offered at MU Zambia, along with their respective requirements.


Those interested in pursuing their higher education at Mukuba University will get detailed information about the university’s course offerings.

The list of programs available at MU is provided below, offering a variety of academic options for students looking to advance their education and careers.

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What are the Courses in Mukuba?

Here are all the Courses / Programmes of Mukuba University for Undergraduate and Postgraduate:-

School of Natural Sciences


1. Bachelor of Education (Chemistry)

2. Bachelor of Education (Biology)

3. Bachelor of Education (Physics)

4. Bachelor of Education (Agriculture Science)

5. Bachelor of Education (Geography)

School of Home Science and Technology

1. Bachelor of Education (Textile Science)

2. Bachelor of Education (Nutritional Science)

School of Mathematics and Computer Studies

1. Bachelor of Education (Mathematics)

2. Bachelor of Education (Computer Science)

Sometimes, what determines the programs at Mukuba University is the information you provide in your application to the institution, although, in many instances, they depend on Mukuba University’s placement system.

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It’s essential to carefully review the overall admission criteria before submitting your application.

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Mukuba University Fee

In many educational institutions, students typically make their tuition payments through the Student Portal. However, it’s important to note that this procedure may differ at this particular university.

You can visit the provided link to access the university’s student portal and complete your tuition payment. It’s worth mentioning that, in general, the tuition fee varies depending on the specific academic program you are enrolled in.

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Mukuba University Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this accredited public university in Zambia are as follows;

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1. To apply, you need five credits or better in Mathematics, English, and a Science-related subject plus any other two.

2. For Bachelor of Education (Textiles and Nutritional Sciences), applicants should have passed in subjects like Food and Nutrition, Home Management, and Fashion and Fabrics.

3. Applicants for Teaching Methods should hold a minimum of a Degree.

Mukuba University offers various courses for students to study. These courses are important for your education. Make sure to check which courses they offer to find the right one for you.


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    Good morning I would like to find what the entry requirements for bachelor of with education in nutrition science. I have a credit in English, distinction in Biology, Credit in Science, Merit in Food and Nutrition, Credit in Religious Education. and rewriting math’s this July and was hoping I can apply

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