Most Heavily Guarded Homes In The World

Fame always comes with a price, and that’s how to be a rich person comes with a price. Once you are famous, you will hardly get the kind of privacy that you need, your life would easily be in danger, people will always want to harm you either one way or the other, this is the sad reality of the world that we live in.

When you build a mansion, you need to ensure that your home is properly guarded from trespassers, because the beauty of your home is already a factor that will attract lots of people, definitely not all of them have good intentions. This list is about how some rich and powerful people have gone beyond the ordinary to make their homes secure and impossible to enter without approval. Government of countries, also build secure fortresses that are impossible to gain access without proper approval.


If you try to enter these houses without an approval, there’s a huge chance that you will face serious challenges like getting stranded in the middle of nowhere or even death. This is a compilation of the top 10 most secure homes in the world.


10) Fair Field Estate

The Hamptons is where the richest of the richest usually hangout during summer vacations, and they always like to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure their security. Fair Field Estate is one of the most secure homes in the world. It is owned by Ira Rennert. This place is worth two hundred million dollars. This estate is one of the most expensive estates in the United States.

The estate has a high tech security gate, and by high tech, i mean that only those that are invited can set foot on the grounds of this estate, not to talk of the buildings. The buildings have bulletproof windows and enough security cameras to make intruders think twice before they step into the estate. Rennert is very much security conscious about his 21 bedroom estate that cost him a huge amount of money to build.


9) Zombie Bunker

We have not experienced any zombie apocalypse yet, but some people are already well prepared, just incase an apocalypse happens in the future. Just in case zombies take over the world, there are some Zombie proof houses that are known as zombie bunkers. This particular house we are talking about, is located in London. The entire house was built with solid concrete and moveable walls which are covered with think iron sheets. Even the windows are covered with tough concrete sheets. There’s a particular method which can be used to enter into this building. When coming from outside, you will get confused on where and how to enter into this building. This building is not very beautiful, but who cares about beauty when zombies are coming for you ?


8) Bill Gates Home

Bill Gates might look like a humble and friendly person, but that doesn’t mean that you can enter his house whenever you wish. Bill Gates’s house is also known as one of the most expensive properties in the world, and since it’s owned by a software expert, why won’t it be a high tech mansion ?. This house is surrounded by a grove of trees and plantations that also gives bill and his family privacy from photographers and paparazzi.

The house also has a state of the art security, it has camera detectors that alerts the people inside the house, whenever there’s an intruder from miles away. If they have visitors, the visitors will need to wear a special pin that helps them control the heating and electrical equipments around the house. No doubt, this is one of the safest homes in the world.


7) The Kardashians

Because many people don’t like them, and because of the incident that happened to Kim in Paris, Kim Kardashian has boosted up her security wherever she goes. After she fired her bodyguard known as Pascal Duvier, she also increased the security around her home, without taking any further risk. The security team that guard her home, go through serious background checks and only the best of the best are hired. Nobody is allowed to step into this property without any pre-approval from the security team.

Instead of her to move out in one car, she has dozens of cars at her disposal that follow a mix up through out any of her journey, to make sure that nobody will be able to follow her. Many motion detectors and hidden cameras also surround her property. Rumour has it that this house also has a safe room with state of the art technology, just incase of any eventuality. Her home is the fastest home in her area.


6) Maximum Security Mansion

The name of this mansion has already explained how secured it is. This mansion is located in Colorado, and it is heavily protected. This property is spread on 32 acres, it has a security system worth six million dollars. The best feature of this mansion, is that anybody with an Apple iPhone can see every part of the house through the cameras, the only thing is that you will need the login details and an approval from the security team of this mansion.

This property has thermal security that can recognise fingerprints and detect the owner of that fingerprint in twenty minutes, so you need to think twice before you break into this mansion. This house speaks, I mean it can literally talk and tell you if anything wrong is happening in the any part of the house.


5) Corby Family Residence

The Corby family residence is located in the Hollywood Hills of California, and they are known for their expensive and excessive use of security. The millionaire residents of this property are very much protected by the biometric software and earthquake prevention techniques of their home. Earthquake proof houses are very common in the USA. The Corbys built their home with concrete which goes as deep as 30 feet below the ground, just incase nature strikes. This house can also bear man made disasters like nuclear and chemical attacks.

This house has an underground bunker with enough supply of food and drinks that can keep the family alive for six months. Incase of any intruder, they don’t need a phone, they can call the police just with the touch of a few buttons. They have a well stocked panic room with CCTV cameras that are all over the house, and they also have an impressive fog release machine that’s meant to scare off burglars.


4) Ryongsong Residence

You might think that there will be no need for security in a county like North Korea, a country that it’s name alone causes fear. A country that you will be sentenced to death for wearing a blue jean, yet even the leader of this country needs to secure himself. Back to the point, the Ryongsong Residence is located in the Northern region of Northern Korea; the Royal family resides in this mansion. This is one of the most secured places in the planet.

Kim Jong Un went the extra mile to ensure that the security of his home is very strong. The residence is surrounded by an electrical fence, armed guards and a mine field. The walls are protected with iron rods and led, covered with concrete, these walls can withstand nuclear blast. Incase of any disaster, there’s a quick escape route that’s connected to the other royal residence. Both residence are connected with an underground tunnel. Even if the intruder is able to pass through the guards, there’s a chemical substance that will be released once the alarm goes off.


3) Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace is a popular tourist attraction location in London, but this mansion is the most secure location in the entire United Kingdom. The few roads that surround this palace are closed off after visiting hours are over, and police officials will take over, those places would suddenly become a no go area. Since a guy named Michael Fagan jumped the fence to have a good look around, the precautions have been intensified.

If you have ever been there, you must have seen the famous changing of guards. No guard can drop his eyelids to sleep during his shift.


2) White House

The president of the United States is the most heavily guarded president in the world. The white house has all the safety features that you could ever imagine. For starters, the iron fence that surrounds the white house might look ordinary, but they can hold the impact of any car that you can think off. This means that nobody can run into the building’s premises with a vehicle.

The property has special agents on ground at all times, that make sure that only friendly visitor’s pass through the gates. The food scanning process is very impressive. The White house controls a restricted air space that helicopters can’t get too close, even if they get close, the white house has bulletproof windows, radars and infrared sensors that can detect any local or unwanted movement from miles away.


1) Kronstadt Fort Alexander


Russians are known to do unpredictable things. The whole point behind the building this fort, was to keep unwanted people from Saint Petersburg, Russia. There’s no way you could ever get close to this property. There are nearly forty forts in this vicinity and among them, Kronstadt Fort Alexander I is the most secured fort. Many efforts have been made to take over this fort, but the people ended up wasting their time and energy.

The military installment has 12 metre long piles that go deep into the ocean and also reinforce the property. The security doesn’t end there, 5535 of these piles can’t be knocked over. These piles have more layers that make them indestructible. The first layer is made of sand, even if you get through, the second layer is made of concrete that is topped by the third layer which is made of granite. Although this place has been abandoned, but it’s still very secure

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