Most Affordable Renters Insurance

Believe it or not, the last thing you want to do is spend extra cash on insuring your rented apartment. Indeed, it is extremely important that anyone who rents an apartment insures its content. However, paying so much is disastrous so aim for the most affordable renters insurance.

Most Affordable Renters Insurance

Therefore, before buying renters insurance, you need to ensure you’re going for the most affordable services. Also, don’t just look at their charges but their services as well. Below are some of the best insurance companies that offer the most affordable renters insurance:


Lemonade is a great option for college students looking for a cheap renters insurance policy. The company values its customers and maintains contact with them via a strong brand presence and a wonderful mobile app. 

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Lemonade also gives back to organizations by donating unused insurance funds through its giveback program. With as low as $15, you can begin to enjoy their services.


Progressive cannot miss this list due to its extensive list of discounts and savings. Interestingly, this includes multi-policy pricing that can save you up to 12%. If you’re a renter with Progressive vehicle insurance, this might be the cheapest policy option for you. 

You can also use the single-deductible benefit to consolidate your two policies into one and 

save money on insured losses. With just $20, you can begin enjoying the services of this five-star brand.

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Toggle is one of the most cost-effective options. In actuality, you can tailor personal property coverage in each insurance to specific categories such as electronics and jewelry. Set all of your property coverages to $0 if you only want to buy the very minimum from your landlord

With this, your monthly rates might be as little as $5. If you choose the highest deductible option, your premium could be as little as $4.75.


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