Mobile And Manufactured Home Insurance

If you have a cell phone or a prefab house, you know it’s important to protect it. Whether your MOBILE HOME is on private property, in a Mobile Home park, or in a residential area, we can help you get the right coverage at an affordable price.

Yes, that includes you Florida.


Let’s take a look at what Mobile Home insurance covers, what requirements Mobile Home insurance meets, and what premium discounts are available.


What Mobile Home Insurance Covers

Our mobile home coverage includes all the essential coverage for:


Our policies cover damage or loss caused by common events, including:



While our Mobile Home insurance offers high wind storm protection, it does not provide flood protection. You need flood insurance for the storm surge that accompanies a hurricane.

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Common Mobile or Manufactured Home Insurance Requirements

To qualify for the best rate, insurance providers typically require mobile homes to:


How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost?

Where you live has a big impact on your Mobile Home insurance premiums. As you might expect, mobile homeowners near the coast may pay more for their coverage than those in areas less prone to hurricane risk.

Your home coverage limit also has a significant impact on the price of your policy.

However, the average cost of Mobile Home insurance in Florida is $1,110 per year. You can see the average premium value by country below. Note that these costs are intended for illustration purposes. The best way to find out how much you’re paying for your Mobile Home insurance is to get a quote from Kin.

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The average cost of Mobile Home insurance in Florida is $1,100 per year.


Mobile Home Insurance Discounts

You may be entitled to a discount if:

Your home has a sprinkler system and smart home security devices.

They live in the garden of the house.

You are over 50 years old.

You choose an electronic policy.

You keep your cover all the time.

You have a clean claim history.

Your prefab house is your primary residence.

To learn more about which discounts qualify, request a quote today.


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