MGH Institute Of Health Professions Application 2023/2024

It is a known fact that the number of nursing applicants yearly is on the rise.

Nursing is one of the most loved courses in the world and Nurses are the most caring of health care professionals.



Therefore, getting a Job as a nurse is no small feat as you would have already go through a lot of Exams and evidently performed well to be entertained or afforded the chance.


Nonetheless, going to a reputable institution of learning will relieve you of so many stress and that’s why we are talking about this institution today.


The MGH Institute of Health Professions was established to meet the demand for master clinicians, healthcare leaders shaped by the combination of theory and clinical practice in an interdisciplinary setting. Based on the principles of Florence Nightingale, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) established one of the first schools of nursing in 1873, the Boston Training School for Nurses, which later became the Massachusetts General Hospital Training School for Nurses in 1896, and later, the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing.

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This diploma school was the oldest continually running school of nursing in the United States when it closed in 1981, and it was the forerunner to the MGH Institute’s School of Nursing.

The MGH Institute’s educational programs were initially formed through on-site clinical training activities, as many health care professions arose from hospital-based demands.

The transition from hospital-based to college- and university-based health science education produced a number of challenges, including a lack of synergy between clinical and didactic parts of health care curricula.


MGH Institute of Health Professions Programs

Post-Professional Degrees (for RNs)

Master of Science, Nursing (Post BSN) to become a nurse practitioner (NP)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) (two tracks):

DNP for Advanced Practice Nurses: Online

DNP for Nurse Executives: Online

Post-Professional Certificate Programs

Post-NP / MSN Certificate of Advanced Study (Credentialed)

Certificates of Completion


Conditions of Admission

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All students are admitted conditionally once they have been accepted, pending the completion of any outstanding entrance requirements. Our “Conditions of Admission” are a list of these requirements.

Please check the list below after acceptance to be sure you’ve met all of the requirements. If you do not complete these prerequisites before enrolling in the MGH Institute of Health Professions, your enrollment and registration status may be jeopardized.



I. Official Transcripts

To validate the following, official transcripts are required:


Coursework Requirements Official transcript(s) demonstrating successful completion of all necessary courses (if applicable).

Transcript of Record with Degree Official transcript demonstrating successful completion of an undergraduate degree.


Transcript with Degree Posted (Official/Final) (If the degree conferral date was not received and verified by the CAS).

Official transcript indicating that all prerequisite courses were successfully completed. (If pre-requisite courses were in progress at the time of application.)

Please note that if you requested official transcripts to be submitted to our university while courses were still in process and not yet completed, you will need to submit an updated/final official transcript once all coursework has been completed.

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Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended should be sealed and provided directly from the university to the MGH Institute of Health Professions, or a CAS system if appropriate, as part of the admission procedure. This prerequisite includes both undergraduate and graduate coursework.


How To Apply

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree who wish to pursue a career in health care, as well as practicing health care professionals who want to advance as leaders in their fields, are encouraged to apply. This is for certified certificate programs and degree programs.

Throughout the admissions and financial aid processes, as well as continuing tuition and fee information, our experienced staff provides information and answers your questions.

Follow this link to commence the application process


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