Memorial Hospital Patient Portal (Procedures and Guide)

A safe and convenient option for patients to examine their medical records is through the Memorial Health patient portal. It is a patient-managed, free personal health record available online.

Memorial Hospital Patient Portal


Memorial Hospital Patient Portal

The patient and consumer health portal at Memorial Hospital and Manor is a practical and safe health-management solution that gives users immediate access to their private medical data.


You can use the Patient Portal from the convenience and privacy of your home or workplace any time of day, seven days a week, by entering your protected password.

Access the Portal For the Following Clinics

▸ Apple Valley Family Medicine

▸ Cascade Surgical Partners

▸ Family Medicine of Yakima


▸ Generations OB/GYN

▸ Lakeview

▸ Memorial Cornerstone Medicine


▸ Psychiatric Services

▸ ‘Ohana Mammography Center

▸ Pacific Crest Family Medicine

▸ Selah Family Medicine

▸ The Sleep Center at Memorial

▸ Yakima Gastroenterology Associates

▸ Yakima Ear, Nose and Throat

▸ Yakima Endocrinology Associates

▸ Yakima Lung and Asthma

▸ Yakima Vascular Associates


MyMemorial – Yakima Memorial Hospital patients

With our patient portal, you can:

▸ View your lab, radiology, and pathology results in the privacy of your own home.

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▸ See hospital discharge information and physician notes.

Unfortunately, some features on the portal are not available to YVM patients at this time. We are working to make these features available on our patient portal in the coming months:

▸ Schedule select appointments yourself.

▸ Request appointments online with your care team.

▸ Securely message your care team at a time that fits your schedule.

▸ Renew your prescriptions without having to call or visit a YVM location.

▸ Convenient access to a summary of your medications, allergies, clinical notes, immunizations and any medical issues.

Do You Use a ‘Patient Portal?’ Why or Why Not?

Through patient portals, hospitals and other healthcare providers can make it easier for patients to access their EMR data. Patient portals can offer safe, online access to personal health data such medication lists, test results, vaccination records, allergies, and discharge details.

What is the EHR Patient Portal?

Patient portals for electronic health records (EHRs) give patients access to information about their health, including the results of diagnostic tests. The use of portals by patients in emergency rooms (ED) is not well understood.


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Which is the Best Portal to Hospital Email Lists in USA?

With the greatest collection of healthcare databases, Ampliz is one of the top and best healthcare email list providers in the USA. More than 8K hospitals and over 4 million physicians’ records are used by thousands of healthcare organizations across the US.

What is the Difference Between Patient Portal, EHR, and EMR?

This indicates that an EHR has a larger amount of data than an EMR. An EMR is mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment. EMRs are not intended to be interoperable, whereas EHRs are. This is another distinction. Data sharing and use between various systems is referred to as interoperability.

Do Ehrs Have an Email Inbox? Why Not?

Looks like an old question. Email is not a secure method of communication so can not have a presence within an EHR.

How to Select the Right Patient Portal?

Pick a portal that integrates well with your existing systems.

What is the Purpose of Patient Portal?’

An online gateway for patients provides quick, round-the-clock access to their personal health information from any location with an Internet connection. Patients can examine health data like: by entering a secure account and password. current medical visits summary of discharges.

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Will Your Doctor Email You?

A doctor may contact a patient after they have understood the dangers and given informed consent, but they should still limit the amount of sensitive health information they provide in those emails.

Which is the Best Portal to Buy Surgeon Email Lists? is the best portal for buying insurance mailing lists. It builds the list in real-time giving you an accuracy of more than 90 percent.

Which is the Best Portal For Buying Doctors’ Email Lists?

The best place for getting physician list with emails in the USA is the official website of Lake Global Reach Inc.

How Will Patients Access Their Electronic Health Record Data?

Some healthcare providers give patients web-based access so they can view their own electronic health records. Other web-based services, like encrypted messaging, reminders for medical appointments, and general health education materials, may be made available to patients.

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