MASTERCARD Scholarship Program 2023 South Africa

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University of Pretoria MASTERCARD Scholarship Program 2023 in South Africa| FULLY FUNDED

It is that time of the year again when students seek better opportunities to maximize their potential through academic pursuits. In response to this academic quest, a lot of scholarship opportunities have been made available for students who are looking to study abroad and outside their home countries like Pretoria, South Africa.

MASTERCARD Scholarship Program


Here, we give well-detailed and accurate guidance for students with good academic qualifications and records. So, if you know you belong to this category, an opportunity has opened up for you at the University of Pretoria, South Africa for you.

The MASTERCARD Scholarship

The MASTERCARD foundation partner with schools and non-governmental organizations to carry out the scholarship programs in different regions. More so, to make the program readily available to academically bright students from all over the world who are qualified to apply for them.


This year, the MASTERCARD foundation has partnered with the University of Pretoria, South Africa to provide fully-funded scholarships for all the eligible students who wish to make South Africa their next stop for education.

Furthermore, the University of Pretoria MASTERCARD scholarship program is highly competitive. It can only be within the reach of students who have shown exceptional academic excellence in their chosen fields of study.

Why study in Pretoria, South Africa

First and foremost, South Africa is the southernmost country in the African continent. It has a mixed population (coloured and white South Africans) of about sixty million people. Again, it is the twenty-third most populous nation in the world and comprises a multi-ethnic society with different cultural heritage, languages, and religions.

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Apparently, South Africa covers a massive land area of 471, 445 square miles. It also has three capital cities which are Pretoria (executive), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial). The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg.


Additionally, Pretoria is a beautiful city that houses almost all the foreign embassies in South Africa. More so, it is among the well-coordinated cities in South Africa with a serene environment that makes learning easy.

Pretoria is among the safest cities in South Africa with its university ranking among the best in the country and beyond.

Apply for the University of Pretoria MASTERCARD scholarship 2023

If you are searching for a university with all-around academic excellence and over-the-top research facilities within South Africa and the African continent, and you are willing to try the scholarship route, then, look no further.

Firstly, the University of Pretoria, commonly referred to as UP is a public university. It was established in 1908 in Gauteng, South Africa. It is a multi-campus picturesque school and has its biggest campus in the very heart of Hatfield and boasts of nine faculties and a business school.

Also, it is among the largest schools in South Africa and is well-known for its background in research fields and excellence.

Furthermore, the university has carried out and produced more research-based work than any other school in South Africa.

In continuation, it is also worthy of note that, the DHET report released in March 2023, shows that the University of Pretoria achieved the highest percentage (10,93%) of the total research output units of all South African universities for 2017.  Likewise, fifty-three University of Pretoria researchers are in the top 1% according to the Web of Science Index of 2023.

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Therefore, the University of Pretoria can comfortably serve all your academic purposes if you are willing to give it all it takes to become part of it.

The MASTERCARD SCHOLARSHIP was made available for eligible students willing to make South Africa their education destination. Aside from being a research-based university, The University of Pretoria has online and classroom learning facilities. This is to help carry everyone along and prepare students for life after school.


Now, for you to be eligible for the University of Pretoria MASTERCARD scholarship, you have to be firstly admitted into the University of Pretoria. Not just that, you have to be admitted for a FULL-TIME study with accurate documents.

Then, complete your MASTERCARD FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (MCFSP) application with your student number that will be issued to you after being admitted.

So, you have to follow the application instruction in the scholarship form and fill in your academic records properly.

However, only eligible students who cannot pay their fees will be granted the scholarship.

Remember, all information documented must be accurate. Any falsified information on the application form may lead to instant disqualification.

Type of Scholarship: FULLY FUNDED

Host Country: South Africa

Eligible Countries: Other African countries


  • Faculty of Engineering- continuing students are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities for entry into the Honors or Masters (political studies or international studies only).

This means that the scholarship is open for only academically talented and qualified young African students. But solely for those that have already completed their bachelor’s degrees and live in Africa.

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  • Free accommodation and meals in aUP residence or UP accreditated accommodation
  • Monthly stipends
  • Visa and flight costs covered
  • Medical aid for the duration of study in the University
  • Textbooks and study materials
  • Academic Support and Counselling
  • Leadership development opportunities

Duration of Scholarship: Period of study

Criteria: The selected students must be willing to complete their studies in minimum time and return to their respective home countries to give back to their communities.

To Apply: If you want to apply for the University of Pretoria MASTERCARD scholarship, then be sure to provide an email address that you can easily access always.

So after submission, you will receive a student number that will be sent to you through email as a confirmation.


However, you can also process your application alternatively by submitting a hard copy of your application form to the address below:

University of Pretoria

Student service center


Pretoria 0028

South Africa

Once you have submitted your application, it will be evaluated by the relevant body of the faculty and you will be duly informed of their decision.

Conclusively, if you are a Postgraduate student and applying for the scholarship, follow the process.

Moreover, it is required of you to have your certificates verified by the South African Qualification Authorities (SAQA).

Therefore, always stay focused, optimistic, and determined in your educational pursuit, the sky will be your playground soon.

Link to application forms: CLICK HERE

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