MasterCard Foundation Postgraduate And Online Learning Scholarship Program 2023-University of Edinburgh| Fully-Funded

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The Mastercard Foundation Postgraduate and Online learning Scholars Program in partnership with the University of Edinburgh will be providing eligible scholars with the opportunity to have their studies funded to the fullest. Also, these scholarships are of two types. Thus, creating an avenue for everyone to learn. If you are eager to have a degree but you do not have time to travel, relax, there’s something for you too.

MasterCard Foundation Postgraduate And Online Learning Scholarship Program


Firstly, this scholarship is meant for young African scholars that are academically bright. Not just that, you have to show leadership qualities and a personal commitment to changing the world around you.

More so, the Mastercard Foundation postgraduate scholars program is meant for scholars that have few educational opportunities to maximize their great potentials and become the agent of change on returning to their home countries.


The Mastercard Foundation

MasterCard foundation is among the top charitable foundations in the world. It operates under the governance of its board of directors, independently from Mastercard Incorporated, which originally set up the foundation in 2006.

Moving forward, the Mastercard foundation scholar program is developing Africa’s next generation of leaders. The program allows students whose talents and promise exceed their financial resources to complete their education. With a vision that education is the catalyst for social and economic change. More so, the program focuses on developing leaders who are transformative, encouraging them to be active contributors in their communities.

Additionally, the program provides financial, social, and academic support to scholars.

Financial support includes, but is not limited to tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholarship materials. The scope of majors and degrees eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholar program varies from institution to institution.

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The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a public research school located in Scotland. It officially opened in 1583 and is the sixth oldest University that still operates in the English-speaking world. Also, it is one of Scotland’s ancient universities and the third-largest endowment in the U.K after Cambridge University and Oxford University.

The University of Edinburgh is among the association of schools that carry out intensive research. Some of the associations are the League of European Research Universities, Russell Group, Coimbra Group, Una Europa.

By volume of application, the University of Edinburgh is the second most popular university in the United Kingdom. This is because each year, the university receives almost sixty thousand undergraduate applications. Furthermore, the University of Edinburgh offers a wide range of free online courses on Coursera, Edx, and FutureLearn.


  • You must apply for the Mastercard foundation postgraduate scholarship first before applying to the school.
  • You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Sahara African Country.
  • Applications from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania are particularly welcome.
  • You must demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community.
  • Be able to present economically disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Also, be able to prove that you lack the financial means from family or other sources to further your education.

Requirements for postgraduate scholars from different African countries

The Mastercard foundation scholars program does not have a general requirement for all countries. However, it has specific requirements for different countries in Africa. So, you only have to click on the link and check out what is required of your country.

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Link: CLICK HERE to find your country’s requirements


Applications for the 2023 online Mastercard Foundation postgraduate scholars program are ongoing. Do well to apply before the closing date.

Closing date: March 14th, 2023

Contact: HERE

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MasterCard Foundation Online Learning Scholarship

Another opportunity from the Mastercard Foundation is here for grabs. This way, in another dimension. Here, the Mastercard Online Masters is another great way to earn a qualification for that course of study. Moreover, the learning will take place online and in the comfort of your home but will have the equivalence of on-campus study. This program at the University of Edinburgh will provide post-graduate online scholarships to study from Africa.

So, the scholarship will cover the full tuition fees and give out stipends to candidates to allow access to high-quality internet.

It will be an online academic session, however, scholars will participate in activities as part of the wider scholars program with the University of Edinburgh. These activities include a regular online workshop with other scholars, online coaching and support, and the opportunity to attend regional scholar-led workshops and events.

Scholarships are available for the following postgraduate programs:

  • MSc International Development
  • MSc Global Health Policy
  • Global Food Security and Nutrition MSc
  • MSc Social Justice and Community Action
  • MSc Data Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Digital Education MSc
  • MSc One Health
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  • You must be a graduate or about to graduate as a Mastercard Foundation scholar in a Mastercard Foundation partner Institution.
  • Applicants must qualify academically for admission to the University of Edinburgh for a relevant degree program listed above.
  • You will generally need to have achieved the equivalent of a U.K second class (Upper) Bachelor’s (Hon) degree
  • You must be a citizen of an African country (with exception of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia) whose personal circumstances would make accepting an online study offer from the University of Edinburgh difficult.
  • Applicants from Malawi, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are particularly welcome.
  • You should demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community and former University.
  • Be able to present economic circumstances which show you lack financial means to pursue higher education in your home country or elsewhere.
  • Applicants should demonstrate an awareness of online degrees, and be able to show how they will approach the unique challenges and opportunities provided by online, part-time study.
  • You should not have completed a postgraduate degree previously and should not be enrolled at a separate university while on scholarship.

Date: Opened on Monday 31st January 2023 to close on Monday, March 14th, 2023.


Be in touch with the program application:

MasterCard sure wants to carry one along. Both on-site and online. Apply for the one that suits you more.

Remember, we have your scholarship interest at heart. So, we bring ongoing and new scholarships to your doorstep.

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