Master Degree Program In Healthcare Administration Online

Healthcare is an interesting major with various focuses in infectious disease, mental health, and also the Covid pandemic. Therefore earning an online master’s degree in healthcare administration is beneficiary in various Industries, particularly in the immense growing health care department.


Best Master’s in Healthcare Administration Degree Taken Fully-Online 

Professionals in various positions in healthcare can do more by earning a master of healthcare administration (MHA) degree. It sets them in lucrative careers and also provides management in healthcare facilities. Here are several Universities that offer MHA degrees online.



1. University of Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia-based University is better known as Penn Uni. It is among the best Uni in The USA thanks to Benjamin Franklin that put it on the map. It offers various master’s degrees including online classes. It provides a master of science in nursing and health care administration in a hybrid format.

Students will learn about current issues in health, social policy, and concepts in healthcare economics. Students need a bachelor of science in nursing to apply. There is also a minimum cumulative GPA or GRE score to submit.

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Penn University holds accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) with 150 online degree programs. Students must currently work in the health care field to apply. The program commonly lasts about 2 years depending on the self-paced curriculum that the student has done.


2. Northcentral University

This Private University has a great online program both for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Students can hold a degree in NCU’s master of health administration program in 29 months. The degree enables its graduates to pursue a higher position in their career in healthcare with leadership roles.

The online curriculum focuses on providing management and strategic plans for healthcare organizations. This can be applied to clinics, hospitals, or private practice.


3. George Washington University

Students can choose between a fully online class with a hybrid format that combined self-paced classes with scheduled classes. The online program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a respectable Association in various industries.

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GW’s business and medical schools design a healthcare master of business administration program. It is one of the leading professionals interested in the business of healthcare. The students can apply for various certificates to their master’s degree including integrative medicine, healthcare quality, and regulatory affairs.


4. American University

If you are in Washington, DC, The AU is a great option to pursue further education both for master’s or doctorate. The Private University also has one of the best online classes that offer various degrees including in the healthcare department.

AU offers a multidisciplinary and project-based online master in healthcare management. Therefore, the graduates can have knowledge and skills in a strategic leadership position. The interested students can enroll with a bachelor’s degree but do not limit to being from a healthcare major only. This gives more broadening opportunities for those with no medical background.


5. Florida International University

If you want a linear education in healthcare, then FIU is the answer. The online master’s degree here is accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. So, you can be sure all the materials are highly qualified to shape a BA holder in healthcare to higher degree.

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Students have flexible hours and can manage their online classes following their schedules. That is why taking an online master’s degree in FIL can be a great place to have a career and study at the same time. The online MBA in FIU can be completed within 2 years or less with a focus on health policy analysis.


6. Johns Hopkins University

This is a well-known medical University with a research interest. JHU offers an online master of science in health care management program. The student will learn about accounting, law and regulation, and other fields that evolve around the healthcare system.

To enhance the online experience, the JHU also has a two-day on-site residency requirement. So, the graduate has excellent education and also experience according to their master’s degree. Johns Hopkins has a tight enrolment requirement with transcripts that need to be verified from the related BA degree with recommendation letters.


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