MACE Courses: Programs Offered at Mansa College of Education

The MACE Courses/ Short Courses and Distance Learning courses are now online. All Students who expect to study at the Mansa College of Education in Zambia should check the courses offered.

MACE Courses

MACE Courses

The Management of the Mansa College of Education (MACE) has released Undergraduate / Postgraduate Courses/ Short Courses of the Institution online.

Courses vary based on the Application You made. The courses are diversified based on Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

Every concerned student should endeavor to check the entry requirement, so as to be sure of the exact requirement.

Mansa College of Education (MACE) Courses Offered

Here are all the Courses / Programmes of Mansa College of Education for Undergraduate and Postgraduate:

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Bachelor’s Degrees

1. Bachelor of Education – Primary Degree

2. B.E (Bachelor of Education) – Education Management

Diploma Programs (Full Time/Distance)

1. Primary Teacher’s Diploma – 3 years

2. Early Childhood Diploma – 3 years

3. Computer Studies Diploma

4. Mathematics Education Diploma

5. Agriculture Science Diploma

6. Science Education Diploma

7. Home Economics Education Diploma

8. Social Studies Education Diploma

In some cases, Mansa College of Education programmes are based on your Application Details for the institution.

However, In most cases, it is based on the MACE Placement. Please do well to check the general requirements before applying for Admissions.

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Mansa College of Education Fee

Students pay Most Institutions’ School fees via the Student Portal, this may not be the case in this particular institution.

Check the link to the student portal of the University below and make the school fee payment. However, In most cases, the fee is based on the program of study You choose.

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What are the Entry Requirements for MACE?

To be eligible for undergraduate degree programs;

1. You must have achieved three ‘O’ level credits or better at the School Certificate level or hold a relevant Diploma from a recognized tertiary institution.

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2. Alternatively, you can qualify with five ‘O’ level credits or better in relevant subjects, including English or a Zambian Language.

3. Applicants aged 45 or older, who can show ongoing education participation through short courses, seminars, and conferences, may receive concessionary admission.

MACE courses offer diverse learning opportunities for all. To join, you need to meet the entry requirements, which typically include specific educational qualifications.

So, explore MACE courses that align with your interests and ensure you meet the requirements to embark on an enriching educational journey.

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