Latest UN World Food Programme Recruitment in 2024/2025

Why not seek job opportunities with humanitarian organizations? The UN World Food Programme Recruitment is ongoing and pays better than some office jobs. Get paid while saving lives and explore many nations of the world with immunity just with few academic qualifications

UN World Food Programme Recruitment


UN World Food Programme Recruitment

The organization is still seeking passionate individuals who are interested in making an honest living from just taking care of other people and the destitute.


The UN World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

WFP works worldwide every day to ensure that no child or woman goes to bed hungry and at least can access the nutritious food they need to survive and grow.

While there are vacant positions you might want to apply for, you need to understand these job descriptions and requirements.

How to Apply

To be recruited as staff or employee of the WFP, you will need to apply to the organization through their online portal for registration.

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Before you will be able to apply, you must create an account on the WFP portal, while returning users can just log in.

1. Search for the organization’s official website online and log into their homepage. You can also go straight by searching for “Job Opening/World Food Programme“.

2. Scrolling down you will find various job vacancies available in different countries and minute descriptions about the job.


3. Clicking on any of these jobs will open the particular job descriptions and their total information including requirements and deadlines.

Read them carefully before going on to apply.

4. Towards the ending right part of the page, you will see options available, click on “Apply” to start the application process.

5. Fill in your information as required and once you’re done send your application by clicking on “Apply”.

Expect an email on the success of your application. You can also visit your online account to check.

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How to Create an Account/Login

1. Search for the UN World Food Programme Recruitment website.

2. Click on the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button.

3. Enter your email address and create a password.

4. Fill in your personal information, including name, contact details, and qualifications.

5. Verify your email address through the confirmation link sent to your email.

6. Log in with your newly created credentials to access your account and apply for positions.

Recruitment Requirements

There are 3 basic requirements that the foundation requires for all newly recruited members to have. While these might not be academic but are very important to humanity.

1. Applicant must be above the age of eighteen (18). Either retired, still in service or working, professional in the field or not, or even a student.

2. The foundation requires dedicated people looking to provide their services and improve the organization.

3. Participants seeking a different work environment to help WFP achieve their goals and objectives.

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After all of these, distinct jobs and positions have different requirements. However, they dont require so much but communication and willingness to serve humanity are important.

Does the WFP Pay Staff?

While it remains a passionate and voluntary service to humanity, the organization deems it right to send stipends to workers’ accounts as support and encouragement.

You can earn up to $1,000 maximum depending on your level, experience, consistency, and a lot more. Although the minimum could still cover your expenses.

Proof of health insurance will be required before you begin your internship with WFP. This is to make sure you are medically fit.

Depending on the country you are working from, you will get your wages in the country’s currency. The base pay for a Senior IT Assistant is KES 150K per month in Nairobi.

Finally, working for WFP isn’t lazy work but rather a humanitarian service that could earn you a lot of money. Apply to be recruited immediately.


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