KNUST Cut Off Points 2024/2025

The official Cut Off Points of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for 2023/2024 Admissions in all Courses have been released online.

KNUST Cut Off Points


Any applicants who want to apply for admission to study at KNUST are advised to check the official KNUST cut-off points for each course. These KNUST cut-off points will help you to know whether you are qualified to apply for that particular course.

KNUST Cut Off Points are to help prospectus candidates that chose KNUST as their preferred university to know the point of each course before applying.


There If you are looking for the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Cut Off Points for the 2023/2024 academic session, you are in the right place to get an understanding of it. This page provides the KNUST Cut Off Points 2024/2025.

The following are the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology cut-off points to be considered before applying for admission to any academic programs available at KNUST for the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

KNUST Cut Off Points 2024/2025

Below is the complete list of KNUST Cut Off Points

1.      BA. Akan Language and Culture 24
2.      B.Ed. Junior High School Specialism 24
3.      BA. Communication Design (Graphic Design) 14
4.      BA. Communication Studies 12
5.      BA. Culture and Tourism 16
6.      BA. Economics 13
7.      BA. English 20
8.      BA. French and Francophone Studies 15
9.      BA. Geography and Rural Development 14
10.      BA. History 18
11.      BA. Linguistics 22
12.      BSc. Fashion Design 16
13.      BSc. Ceramics Design Technology 24
14.      BSc. Metalsmithing and Jewellery Technology 24
15.      BSc. Textile Design and Technology 18
16.      BA. Integrated Rural Art and Industry 19
17.      BFA. Painting and Sculpture 20
18.      BA. Political Studies 11
19.      BA. Publishing Studies 16
20.      BA. Religious Studies 24
21.      BA. Sociology 14
22.      BA. Social Work 15
23.      Bsc. Actuarial Science 11
24.      Bsc. Aerospace Engineering 09
25.      Bsc. Agribusiness Management 18
26.      Bsc. Agricultural Biotechnology 19
27.      Bsc. Agricultural Engineering 16
28.      Bsc. Agriculture 24
29.      Bsc. Aquaculture and Water Resources Management 24
30.      Bsc. Architecture 09
31.      BSc. Automobile Engineering 14
32.      Bsc. BDS (Dental Surgery) (Fee-Paying Only) 08
33.      Bsc. Biochemistry 10
34.      Bsc. Biological Science 12
35.      Bsc. Biomedical Engineering 07
36.      BSc Business Administration ((Human Resource Management/Management) 10
37.      Bsc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business) 12
38.      Bsc. Business Administration (Accounting/Banking and Finance) 09
39.      Bsc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Mgt/Bus. Info. Tech.) 12
40.      Bsc. Hospitality and Tourism Management 13
41.      Bsc. Chemical Engineering 10
42.      Bsc. Chemistry 18
43.      Bsc. Civil Engineering 10
44.      Bsc. Computer Engineering 09
45.      Bsc. Computer Science 11
46.      Bsc. Construction Technology and Management 14
47.      Bsc. Development Planning 12
48.      Bsc. Disability and Rehabilitation Studies 17
49.      Bsc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering 07
50.      Bsc. Environmental Sciences 17
51.      Bsc. Food Science and Technology 14
52.      Bsc. Forest Resources Technology 24
53.      Bsc. Geological Engineering 13
54.      Bsc. Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering 14
55.      Bsc. Herbal Medicine. 16
56.      Bsc. Human Biology (Medicine) 06
57.      Bsc. Human Settlement Planning 16
58.      BSc. Industrial Engineering 15
59.      Bsc. Land Economy 09
60.      Bsc. Landscape Design and Management 22
61.      BSc. Marine Engineering 12
62.      Bsc. Materials Engineering 14
63.      Bsc. Mathematics 18
64.      Bsc. Mechanical Engineering 10
65.      Bsc. Medical Laboratory Technology 08
66.      Bsc. Metallurgical Engineering 16
67.      Bsc. Meteorology and Climate Science 21
68.      Bsc. Midwifery 10
69.      Bsc. Natural Resources Management 20
70.      Bsc. Nursing 09
71.      Bsc. Petrochemical Engineering 09
72.      Bsc. Petroleum Engineering 07
73.      Bsc. Physics 21
74.      BSc. Physician Assistantship 07
75.      Bsc. Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics 14
76.      Bsc. Real Estate 13
77.      BSc. Medical Imaging 10
78.      BSc. Physiotherapy and Sports Science 14
79.      Bsc. Statistics 16
80.      Bsc. Telecommunication Engineering 11
81.      Doctor of Optometry 06
82.      (DVM) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 15
83.      LLB 06
84.      Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) 06



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KNUST Admission Requirements 2023/2024



  1. Most first degree Programmes of study are of Four (4) Years duration
  1. Minimum/General Entry Requirements


An applicant for admission to a degree Programme in the University must have credited in the THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science), and CREDITS in THREE WASSCE/SSSCE Elective Subjects or its equivalent relevant to the chosen Programme with aggregate 24 or better (WASSCE: A1- C6/SSSCE A-D) D7, E8 & F9 ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ADMISSION PURPOSES.

** It is worth noting that the THREE CORE SUBJECTS are prerequisites for all Programmes of study at our University


Applicants must have passed in THREE Compulsory Subjects including English Language and passes in THREE Elective Subjects including Business Mathematics.


Applicants must have FIVE credits at the GCE O’ Level including English Language and Mathematics (or its approved equivalent), plus passes in at least THREE subjects at the Advanced Level/Three Credits in the case of mature applicants. In addition, the applicant must fulfill the appropriate Faculty or Departmental requirements.


Applicants must have passed THREE Compulsory Subjects plus THREE (3) Optional Subjects relevant to the Programme of study.


KNUST WAEC Grading System for Admission

See the image below for the KNUST WASSCE/SSCE grading system for 2024/2025 admission.

A1 A 1
B2 B 2
B3 C 3
C4 D 4
C5 D 4
C6 D 4
F9 F





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