Kasama College Of Education School Fees 2024/2025

The Kasama College Of Education School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session are out. All New and Old Students of Kasama College Of Education, Zambia are expected to check the school fees.

Kasama College Of Education School Fees


Kasama College of Education School Fees

Aspirants are advised to carefully review the Kasama College Of Education school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Compiling the Kasama College Of Education (KACE) school fees information has not been so easy. But we have to bring out the best procedures by which candidates can check their school fees.


Continue reading because we have provided all the necessary information for both new and returning students to understand and verify their fixed school fees.

Fee Structure for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

The management of Kasama College Of Education (KACE) has officially released the fee structure for the 2023/2024 academic sessions.

It covers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Please note that:


1. Registration requires payment of fees.

2. Students are to pay all fees meant for the University into the KACE Directorate Account OR by cheque into the same account.

3. The college should pay fees meant to cover costs related to student welfare and research costs to the student.

4. In the event of a student withdrawing from studies, tuition and other fees may not be refunded in full.

This information ensures that students are well-informed about their financial obligations.

See the amount payable as school fees by Undergraduates at the Kasama College Of Education for the 2023/2024 academic session below.

What Courses are Offered at Kasama College of Education?

Kasama College Of Education provides a diverse range of courses to prepare students for careers in education and various other fields.

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Below, are the courses offered at the college, categorized by the academic years.

Year 1 Courses

1. Special Education, Guidance & Counseling I

2. Integrated Science Teaching Methods I

3. Integrated Science Chemistry I

4. Integrated Science Biology I

5. Sociology of Education I

6. Engineering Science 1

7. Information and Communications Technology

8. Art and Design I

9. Mathematics Education I

10. Musical Arts Education I

11. Mathematics Teaching Methods I

12. Physical Education and Sport I

13. Integrated Science Mathematics

14. Integrated Science Physics I

15. Commerce

16. Agricultural Science Farm Practice I

17. Agricultural Botany and Zoology

18. Agricultural Mathematics

19. Agricultural Physical Science

20. History and Philosophy of Education I

21. Food and Nutrition I

22. Home Management I

23. Fashion and Fabrics I

24. Educational Psychology I

25. Computer Teaching Methods I

26. Communication and Study Skills

27. Computer Studies Education

28. Computer Mathematics

29. Office Management

30. Integrated Science Education – Chemistry I

31. Social Studies Methods I

32. Business Studies Teaching Methods

33. Theory & Practice of Education

34. Home Economics Methods I

35. Integrated Science Education – Biology I

36. Geography I

37. Integrated Science Education – Physics I

38. Art and Design I

39. History 1

40. Agricultural Mathematics

41. Material Processes Plastic I

42. Civic Education I

43. Graphical Communication I

44. Engineering Mathematics I

45. Material Processes Wood I

46. Material Processes Metal I

47. Business Accounting 1

48. Agricultural Science Animal I

49. Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry)

50. Business Studies Teaching Methods 1

51. Biological Sciences (Biology & Zoology)

52. Computer Operating Systems

53. Agricultural Science Methods I

54. Plant Science I

55. Agricultural Business Management I

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56. Agricultural Engineering I

57. Agricultural Science Methods I

58. Agricultural Science Methods I

59. Mathematics Education II

60. Mathematics Teaching Methods I

Year 2 Courses

1. System Analysis & Design

2. Integrated Science Chemistry II

3. Integrated Science Biology II

4. Special Education, Guidance & Counseling II

5. Musical Arts Education II

6. Mathematics Education II

7. Physical Education and Sport II

8. Integrated Science Physics II

9. Integrated Science Teaching Methods II

10. Agricultural Science Methods II

11. Business Accounting II

12. Agricultural Science Farm Practice II

13. Soil Science

14. Food and Nutrition II

15. Crop Science

16. Agricultural Biometry

17. Animal Science

18. Art and Design II

19. Data Communication and Computer Networks

20. Sociology of Education II

21. Home Management II

22. Fashion and Fabrics II

23. Commerce

24. Database Design

25. Computer Teaching Methods II

26. Office Management

27. Business Mathematics

28. History and Philosophy of Education II

29. Educational Psychology II

30. Mathematics Teaching Methods II

31. Geography II

32. Theory & Practice of Education

33. Business Studies Teaching Methods

34. Soil Science

35. History II

36. Crop Science

37. Civic Education II

38. Social Studies Methods II

39. Home Economics Methods II

40. Bricklaying and Plastering

41. Autocad

42. Design and Technology Teaching Method

43. Agricultural Engineering II

44. Material Processing – Wood II

45. Material Processing – Metal II

46. Material Processing – Ceramics

47. Graphic Communication II

48. Animal Science

49. Design and Development – Design Process I

50. Agricultural Business Management II

51. Plant Science II

52. Agricultural Science Methods II

53. Animal Science

Year 3 Courses

1. Integrated Science Chemistry III

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2. Special Education, Guidance & Counseling III

3. Integrated Science Biology III

4. Home Management III

5. Musical Arts Education III

6. Mathematics Education III

7. Physical Education and Sport III

8. History and Philosophy of Education III

9. Integrated Science Physics III

10. Integrated Science Teaching Methods III

11. Legal & Professional Issues in Computing

12. Business Law

13. Financial Accounting III

14. Basic Computer Programming

15. Agricultural Science Farm Practice III

16. Agricultural Science Methods III

17. Entrepreneurship

18. Agricultural Engineering

19. Agricultural Business Management

20. Art and Design III

21. Food and Nutrition III

22. Fashion and Fabrics III

23. Educational Psychology III

24. Economics

25. School Experience STD

26. Geography III

27. Web Design Technology

28. History III

29. Mathematics Teaching Methods III

30. Agricultural Science Project III

31. Theory & Practice of Education

32. Agricultural Business Management

33. Agricultural Engineering

34. Sociology of Education III

35. Social Studies Methods III

36. Civic Education III

37. Home Economics Methods III

38. Design and Development – Design Process III

39. Autocad II

40. Material Processing – Wood III

41. Systems Technology – Structures

42. Material Processing – Metal III

43. Research Project

44. Agricultural Business Management

45. Agricultural Engineering

46. Animal Science

47. Plant Science

48. Agricultural Science Teaching Methods

49. Legal & Professional Issues in Computing

Kamasi College of Education’s school fees are vital for aspiring students. They offer diverse courses catering to various interests.

Affordable education and course variety make Kamasi College a smart choice for future educators and professionals.


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