KAAF University College | Academics, Admission Process and Facilities

Discover the exceptional academic journey at KAAF University College. Learn about the courses offered, state-of-the-art facilities, and the straightforward application process. Explore the vibrant learning community that sets Kaaf University College apart.

KAAF University College


KAAF University College

KAAF University College, established in 2006 under the Companies Code Act 179 of 1963, has grown exponentially since its inception.

With a humble beginning in the 2008/2009 Academic Year, it now accommodates a student population of around 1200.


They offer diverse courses in engineering, business, law, nursing, and computer science KAAF University College has established strong partnerships with renowned institutions.

Institutions such as KNUST, GIMPA, and UDS, ensure a comprehensive and quality education. Experience a dynamic learning environment at KAAF University College, where growth and success thrive.

What Courses are Offered at KAAF University?

Ghanaian and international students can enroll in the following degrees and top-up programs at KAAF University College.

1. Computer Science and Engineering Faculty

  • Civil engineering bachelor of science.
  • Electronic/Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science.
  • Engineering in Mechanical Science bachelor’s degree.
  • Geomatics Engineering Bachelor of Science.
  • Construction technology bachelor’s degree.
  • Computer science undergraduate degree.
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2. Programs at the Faculty of Business Administration

  • Accounting bachelor’s degree in science.
  • Marketing is a major for undergraduates.
  • Finance and Banking Bachelor of Science.
  • Human resource management as a major in college.

3. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

  • A general nursing bachelor’s degree.
  • Midwifery bachelor’s degree in science.
  • Nursing for Public Health Bachelor of Science.
  • Science degree in medical laboratory technology.
  • Political science and law faculty.
  • Law Bachelor (LLB).
  • Political science undergraduate degree.

4. Admission and Additional Programs

  • Health Workers’ 6-Week Access Program.
  • Admissions for adults.
  • A program called Sandwich.
  • Engineering upgrades.
  • Proficiency in English.

What are the Requirements for KAAF University?

1. High school diploma or equivalent.


2. Academic transcripts from previous educational institutions.

3. Recommendation letters from teachers or mentors.

4. A well-crafted personal statement outlining your academic goals and aspirations.

5. Completed online application form.

6. Purchased Online Serial Numbers (E-Vouchers).

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7. Payment receipt or proof of purchase.

8. Certified copies of all certificates.

9. Certified copies of transcripts (if applicable).

10. Passport picture.

11. Birth certificate or any national ID.

To learn more about the entry requirements for each program, click here.

How to Apply to the KAF University College

Follow the guidelines carefully;

Purchase Online Serial Numbers (E-Vouchers)

  • Ghanaian Applicants: Online Serial Numbers can be purchased for GH¢ 110.00 at any ADB Bank branch nationwide.
  • International Applicants: Online Serial Numbers can be purchased for US$100.00.

Completion of Online Application Form

1. Visit the KAAF University College portal through the provided link.

2. Login using the Online Serial Numbers and PIN obtained during the purchase.

3. Fill in the online application form with the required information.

4. Review the form for accuracy and completeness.

5. Submit the application form online.

6. Scan and attach the following documents to the online application form:

  • Certified copies of all certificates.
  • Certified copies of transcripts (if applicable).
  • Passport picture.
  • Birth certificate or any national ID.
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Note: All attached documents must be scanned into PDF format.

7. Review the completed application form and attached documents for accuracy.

8. Ensure that you fill in all required fields and attach all supporting documents.

9. Submit the application form online.


Kaaf University boasts state-of-the-art facilities that foster a conducive environment for learning and personal growth.

The campus is outfitted with cutting-edge laboratories, well-stocked libraries, contemporary classrooms, and designated areas for group work. In order to remain at the forefront of their areas, students have access to cutting-edge tools and technology.

Kaaf University is dedicated to providing a lively learning community that encourages students to realize their best potential. This is done by offering a wide variety of courses, cutting-edge facilities, and an easy admission procedure.

Discover the exceptional opportunities that await at Kaaf University College and embark on a transformative academic adventure.


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