Jomo Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission List 2024/2025

Find out if you’ve made it to the Jomo Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission List and what to expect. Get all the details you need to start your academic journey.

Jomo Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission List


Jomo Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission List

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has officially released the list of successful applicants who have been provisionally admitted to Jomo Kenyatta University for the upcoming academic session.

For everyone who has applied to study at JKU, this is an exciting time to be a higher education student.


So if you are among the candidates who have applied for admission at Jomo Kenyatta University (JKU) through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), you can check your name on the list.

The Jomo Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission List is where you’ll find the answers you’ve been waiting for.

How to Check Your Name on the Admission List

1. Visit the official Jomo Kenyatta University website.

2. Look for the dedicated Admission Lists page.


3. On this page, you will find options to download the KUCCPS admission lists in PDF format or use the Online PDF Viewer.

4. After accessing the list, take a moment to confirm whether your name has been successfully placed for admission at Jomo Kenyatta University.

If you find your name on the list, congratulations to you! You will receive an official admission letter from the university, which will provide details about registration, fees, orientation, and course selection.

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Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar and prepare for an exciting adventure in higher education.

Don’t give up, though, if your name isn’t on the list. There are other options to look into, like the appeals process or thinking about different programs or colleges.

Some even choose to take a year off to improve their qualifications for the following year or acquire useful experience.

Which Courses are Offered in Jkuat?

The courses offered at Jkuat are as follows:

Postgraduate Courses

1. Master of Science in Human Resource Management

2. Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship

3. Masters in Business Administration 

4. Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management

5. Master of Science in Mass Communication

6. PhD. Finance

7. Masters in Leadership and Governance

8. PhD. International Business

9. Master of Science in Software Engineering

10. Ph.D. in Development Studies

11. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

12. Ph.D. in Human Resource Management

13. Master of Science in Procurement and Logistics

14. Ph.D. in Business Administration

15. Masters of Science in Project Management

16. Ph.D. in Leadership and Governance

17. Master of Development Studies

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18. PhD. Accounting

19. Master of Science in Computer Systems

20. Ph.D. in Mass Communication

21. Master of Science in Chemistry: Analytical, Organic, and Natural products and Inorganic

22. MSc Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

23. Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics

24. MSc. Applied Statistics

25. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

26. M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics

27. Post Graduate Diploma in:

    • Procurement and Logistics
    • Human Resource Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Project Management

Undergraduate Courses

1. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BAS) (Day Programme)

2. BSc. (Bachelor of Science) in Mathematics and Computer Science (Day Programme)

3. (a) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT) – Stage 1 (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends) (b) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT) – Stage II (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

4. Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology (BCT) (Day Programme)

5. B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

6. Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (BBIT) (Day Programme)

7. A Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management

8. Bachelor of Human Resource Management

9. A Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

10. Bachelor of Supply Chain Management (options: Clearing and Forwarding, Shipping/Marine Management, Transport and Logistics) (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

11. A Bachelor of Economics (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

12. Bachelor in Mass Communication (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

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13. A Bachelor of Development Studies (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

14. Bachelor of Arts Applied Linguistics (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

Diploma Courses

1. Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

2. A Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

3. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

4. A Diploma in Human Resource Management (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

5. Diploma in Business Administration (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

6. A Diploma in Microfinance (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

7. Diploma in Marketing (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

8. A Diploma in County Governance (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

9. Diploma in Mass Communication (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

10. A Diploma in Community Development (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

11. Diploma in Public Relations (Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

Certificate Courses

1. Certificate in Information Technology (Day Programme)

2. Certificate in County Governance (3 months)(Full-time OR Part-time – evening/weekends)

3. Bridging Certificate in Mathematics (Day Programme)

4. Bridging Course in English (Day Programme)

For those who make it, be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. And for those who don’t, remember that there are always other opportunities to achieve your educational dreams. Good luck on your journey!


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