Is Pride Ruining Your Relationship?

Have you been having problems with your partner lately and they keep telling you that you have pride? While you should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

There are times it could affect your relationship. The sad part is, you might not be aware of this, leading to the question “is pride ruining my relationship?” 


There’s a high chance that pride is ruining your relationship and you have to make conscious efforts to identify how and why.

You don’t have to stress over it. In this article, you’ll find more ways pride is destroying your relationship so you can make amends.


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5 ways pride is ruining your relationship

1. Refusing to Accept Defeat

This is when you refuse to come clean with your partner and make them understand you’ve failed, instead you try to cover up and blame others for your misdeeds.

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2. Being Unapologetic

If you’re cool with knowing you offend someone, mess things up without apologizing. 

This is one of the easiest ways to kill a relationship. You’ll end up losing the respect of your loved one and the relationship will shatter.


3. Refusing to Ask for Help

Someone with pride issues believes that asking for help from someone means that they’re weak. They also feel that they would lose their influence or integrity with others when they seek help.

Everyone has bad days, and seeking help from your partner is one way to lift up your spirit and build a stronger relationship. It’s only wrong when you always ask for help but are unavailable when your partner needs yours. 

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4. Refusing to Make Corrections

Sometimes, people make mistakes in relationships, after all, we’re all humans. However, you may have pride issues when you refuse to acknowledge when you’re wrong and make a conscious effort to amend them

It’s even worse if you always take offense when your partner or friend points out your mistakes. Pride might ruin your relationship this way because you don’t want to take correction and work towards a healthier friendship.

5. Selfishness

Being selfish, in this case, means not taking into consideration the needs and wants of your partner. You’re all about yourself and what you want in the relationship. In addition, you feel your partner is supposed to provide for your needs without you giving back.

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Final Note

While pride isn’t a bad thing in itself, it can get in the way of your relationship when you take it too far. You’ll be able to save yourself and your relationship by accepting your errors and making conscious efforts to turn those negative vibes into a good one.


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