IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium, 2023

Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium


The IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium

Here are some brief descriptions of the top IRIBHM Ph.D. Scholarships for Non-Belgium Citizens in Belgium.


IRIBHM is a research institute of the Medical School of the Free University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB). The institute offers an internationally prominent research environment in molecular biology and life sciences that engage different topics that span receptor pharmacology and new therapeutic targets discovery, early embryonic development, neurobiology, stem cells, and cancer.

The institute has trained over the years a number of young scientists both at the graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Scholarship Type:

Offers are available to pursue PhD program.

Field of study:

Scholarships are for the field of Life Sciences.

Scholarship Benefits:

Reimbursement of Travel expenses is and free accommodation.

To be taken in(Country):


Scholarship Number :

At least 2 PhD scholarships are available.

Eligible Nationality:

Available to non-Belgians, currently not living in Belgium.


To be eligible for this scholarship you must meet the following requirements:

  • Please note that only diplomas and degrees equivalent to EU Master Degree by a higher education institution are acceptable.
  • Candidates who do not have their degrees will be considered if they can convincingly argue that they will finish their studies within the 2023 academic years.
  • The program is for non-Belgians, currently not living in Belgium.
  • Applicants must have an academic degree or diploma for a maximum of 5 years and this period shall include the ongoing academic year.
  • The programming language is English.

Application Procedure: 

Please compile all the relevant documents (i.e., this document, as well as any additional documents, such as diplomas and certificates) in a single .pdf file. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Delete this first page as well as the last page (on which the template reference letter appears)
  • Complete the forms, making sure to respect the formatting as best as possible and keeping within the page limits (it may help to set your printer’s paper size to European A4)
  • Generate a .pdf file with the following filename: YOURNAME-IRIBHM2023.pdf.
  • Scan additional documents into .pdf files, making sure they are at a reasonable size (e.g., scan in B/W, 300 dpi) so as to not exceed email size limits.
  • Append these documents at the end of the .pdf file resulting from this document so that the entire application consists of a single .pdf file.

In addition, we request two letters of recommendation from scientists/professors who are familiar with your academic work and who can judge your potential as a PhD student. Please forward the model letter that appears as the last page of this document to your chosen referees, and ask them to send their letters of recommendation directly to

You can begin the application by clicking on the Scholarship Link

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