International Trainee Scholarships in USA

International Trainee Scholarships in the USA are one of the most sought-after opportunities for international students, Hence, these scholarships provide a platform for applicants to expand their horizons, gain experience, and contribute to their fields of expertise. However, this piece will delve into International Trainee Scholarships in the USA, exploring their significance and eligibility criteria.

International Trainee Scholarships In USA


International Trainee Scholarships

International Trainee Scholarships are specialized programs designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills between international applicants and institutions in the United States.

However, these scholarships are often offered by prestigious universities, research institutions, and multinational corporations with the aim of fostering global collaboration and enhancing cultural diversity


To provide scholarship support for international trainees, the American Thoracic Society (ATS).

Nevertheless, the International Health and Membership Committees are pleased to announce the availability of the ATS International Trainee Scholarships (ITS) for the academic year 2023-2024.

Furthermore, the scholarship will be awarded to students attending the ATS International Conference at the American Thoracic Society.

Finally, the scholarship will likely cover the expense of attending the conference at ATS. Applicants from outside the USA and Canada who are trainees will be eligible.


Scholarship Description

1. University or Organization: American Thoracic Society

2. Department: NA

3. Course Level: Short program

4. Award: Education fund

5. Number of Awards: NA

6. Access Mode: Online

7. Nationality: International

8. Application Deadline: The applications are open.

Hence, the award can be taken in the USA.

Eligible Countries: International students are however eligible to apply.

Eligible Course or Subjects: Applicants can apply for the ATS International Conference.

The Significance of International Trainee Scholarships

These scholarships play a pivotal role in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among nations.

Hence, they enable scholars to immerse themselves in a new culture, interact with leading experts in their field, and participate in cutting-edge research or industry projects.

Moreover, the experience gained during the scholarship period becomes a significant asset for the scholars’ personal and professional growth.

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible, the applicants must meet all the following/given criteria:

1. The applicant is not a citizen of the United States or Canada.

2. Most scholarship programs require applicants to demonstrate a strong academic track record, with a minimum GPA or equivalent grade requirement

3. Also, the applicant is the author of an abstract accepted for presentation at the International Conference.

4. The applicant’s work within the abstract was completed at an institution outside the United States or Canada.

5. Hence, the applicant is currently a trainee at a program outside the United States or Canada.

6. Applicants must attend the ATS International Conference and present their abstract at the International Scholars Poster Colloquium.

7. Applicants are usually required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores as proof of their language proficiency.

8. The applicant may submit a scientific abstract or a case report (late-breaking abstracts will not be considered).

9. Lastly, the students must submit necessary documents such as academic transcripts, resumes, etc.

How to Apply

Students can apply for the International Trainee Scholarships through the ATS portal.

However, everything application and evaluation of applicants is online

Click Here to Apply.

Finally, International Trainee Scholarships in the USA offer a life-changing experience for intelligent applicants worldwide.

Hence, the eligibility criteria serve as a mechanism to identify the most deserving candidates who will make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

However, Make good use of the information you have if you are an intending applicant.


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