2023 International Scholarships in NABA Bachelor of Art for Students in Italy

2023 International Scholarships in NABA Bachelor of Art for Students in Italy is a gift from the renowned Academy of fine arts in Italy, which is offering international scholarships for students aspiring to pursue their Bachelor of Arts degree. Hence, you will get detailed information about this scholarship scheme.

2023 International Scholarships in NABA Bachelor of Art for Students in Italy


International Scholarships in NABA Bachelor of Art

The NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Italy is known for its excellence in art and design education.

However, to encourage talented international students, NABA offers scholarships for those pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.


These scholarships provide financial support and recognition for outstanding artistic abilities and academic achievements.

Hence, by availing themselves of these scholarships, students can immerse themselves in a dynamic artistic environment, receive mentorship from renowned faculty, and unlock their creative potential at NABA.

The scholarship competition aims at selecting the Best International Profiles and at supporting their outstanding talents.

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Scholarship Detail

The scholarship’s full detail is below for your reference:


1. Host Nationality for the NABA Scholarships: The NABA Scholarships for international students are hosted in Italy.

2. Eligible Nationality: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

3. Scholarship Number: Seven scholarship offers are available.

4. Level/Field of Study: The award is for undergraduates in the field of Arts.

This includes the following Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs which start in October 2023:

  • Graphic Design and Art Direction,
  • Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Media Design and Multimedia Arts
  • New Technologies for Applied Arts
  • Set Design, Painting, and Visual Arts

Scholarship Worth

Seven 40% scholarships on the full standard tuition fee of 15,950 Euros net of regional tax for the following NABA BA programs starting in October 2023 and valid for the academic year 2023.

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It however consists of One 40%scholarship for each BA Program in:

1. Graphic Design and Art Direction, English or Italian language

2. Design, English or Italian language

3. Fashion Design, English or Italian language

4. Media Design and Multimedia Arts, English or Italian language

5. New Technologies for Applied Arts, English or Italian language

6. Set Design, English or Italian language

Eligibility for the International Scholarships in NABA 

To be eligible for this scholarship, the candidate requires:

1. Possess a valid high school diploma, equivalent to an Italian secondary school diploma.

2. Just about to graduate from high school in the academic year 2023.

Application Procedure

Click Here to follow the application procedure, hence, participants must submit:

1. Artistic portfolio of projects and works and artistic statement

2. NABA Three-year Bachelor of Arts Degree Application Form 2023

3. Diploma high school (if available), it must be in an English or Italian translation or School Attendance Certificate of the 12th year.

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4. High school academic transcripts must be in English or Italian translation.

5. Passport

6. However, the completed application form must be in the attachments.

7. Hence, an application fee of 100,00 EUR is off for competition participants.

8. And all students must submit their application by filling out an online application form and uploading the necessary complete digital documentation by clicking the button below.

Click Here to apply for the international Scholarships in NABA Bachelor of Art for Students in Italy.

However, make use of the information you have.


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