ICU Cut Off Points 2024/2025

Looking for ICU Cut-Off Points 2024/2025? Understand admission criteria with program-specific cut-off points. Also, find out if the Information and Communication University is officially recognized in Zambia.

ICU Cut Off Points


If you’re considering applying for admission to any academic program at ICU for the 2023/2024 Academic Year, it’s essential to be aware of the Information and Communication University cut-off points.

These points provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure you’re well-prepared before submitting your application.


Here, we provide the most recent updates on the Information and Communication University Cut-Off Points for the specified academic year.

Stay updated as we bring you the latest information on the Information and Communication University (ICU) Cut Off Points for the 2023/2024 academic session. 

ICU Cut-Off Points

One needs to meet certain criteria before gaining admission to study any of the courses offered at the Information and Communication University (ICU) in Zambia.

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One of these crucial criteria involves meeting the designated cut-off points for each school and the respective courses.


Meeting these required cut-off marks significantly increases your chances of securing admission into your desired program.

The Information and Communication University Cut-Off Points play a pivotal role in determining who qualifies for admission to the institution, as well as the specific course they offer you.

These points serve as a threshold to distinguish eligible candidates for various academic programs at ICU.

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ICU Cut-Off Points Ratio (Male: Female)

The Authority of the Information and Communication University, ICU releases fresh cut-off points every academic year for Academic Programmes based on gender.

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Information and Communication University, ICU Cut Off Points as released on the institution’s official website. Check the cut-off points below:

1. Bachelor of Science Non-Quota [Natural Science] (06:06)

2. B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Non-Quota [HSS] (06:07)

3. Bachelor of Social Work (07:09)

4. BMC (Bachelor of Mass Communication) (07:08)

5. Bachelor of Arts with Education (07:10)

6. B.E. (Bachelor of Education) Environmental (08:10)

7. Bachelor of Education in Zambian Cultures & Ceremonies (13:17)

8. The Bachelor of Agriculture Sciences with Education (09:12)

You can also check out ICU admission requirements and how to apply.

Is ICU Recognized in Zambia?

The Information and Communications University (ICU) is officially recognized by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), operating under the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia.

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This recognition allows ICU to provide both distance (e-Learning) and full-time educational programs within the country.

The HEA’s oversight ensures that ICU maintains its commitment to delivering quality education, adhering to academic excellence, and upholding the credibility of the degrees it offers.

This recognition also assures students and their families that the education provided by ICU aligns with the educational norms and requirements of Zambia.

Your academic journey at ICU starts with understanding the cut-off points. Prepare, apply, and step into a future full of promise and opportunity.


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