iCampus ATU: How to Login and Access the Student Portal

Are you finding it hard to log into the iCampus portal? learn how to access, login, register for courses, and recover passwords on iCampus ATU. Simplify your academic journey by using the simple steps given below.

iCampus ATU




iCampus is an integrated Tertiary Management System that helps institutions to run their day-to-day activities online.

iCampus modules include; Student Management, Academic Administration, Finance Management, and Library.

Also, with Hostel Management, Lecturer Evaluations, Registrations, HR, Facilities and Student Applications etc.

iCampus ATU

iCampus ATU is your all-in-one academic management platform designed to streamline your educational experience.


You can access iCampus, login, register for courses, and reset your password using the detailed instructions below.

Whether you’re a new student or returning to Accra Technical University, iCampus is here to simplify your academic journey. Let’s get started!

How to Create/Register Your Account for First-Time Users

How can a new student who has been accepted register on the ATU portal page?


Your student ID number, which you will use to create your icampus login portal account, will be provided to you by the university.

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1. Visit the iCampus registration page on the Accra Technical University website.

2. Choose your account type (e.g., student or staff).

3. Fill in your ID, password, confirm password, email address, security question, and security answer.

4. Review the information and submit the registration form.

5. Activate your account through the confirmation email.

6. Log in to iCampus using your ID and password.

7. Explore the features and resources available on the platform.

How to Access/Login to Your Account

1. Click HERE to access the ATU login page first;

2. Second, fill in the field on the website with your ATU User ID.

3. To sign in to the ATU online platform, click the “Authenticate” button and then enter your password.

How to Check Your ATU Result Online

To check your semester grade at ATU, you may occasionally need to log in. So, adhere to the following instructions to check your ATU result online:

1. To log into the ATU student icampus site CLICK HERE.

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2. Second, enter the page’s fields using your student login information.

3. Third, select the button that says “Check Result” or one that looks like it on the page.

4. Enter the course name of the outcome you want to check after that.

5. To find your result at ATU, click the “Submit” button now.

How Do I Change/Recover My ATU ICampus Password?

Follow the instructions below to reset your student password at ATU if you’ve forgotten it or are having trouble logging in to the portal.

Recover with Question

1. First, click on the link, Recover with Question.

2. Then, enter your username on the required field and click on “submit’.

3. They will ask you questions that will help you recover your password.

Recover With Email

To recover using your email, follow the steps below;

1. First, click on the link Recover with email.

2. Enter your Email address and User ID in the required box.

3. Click on ‘submit’.

4. Then, the system will email you a password reset link after you enter your Username and click the “submit” button.

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5. The activation link will be in your email inbox. Click it to set your ATU student password.

6. You then type in your new password, which will now serve as your login password.

In particular, be sure that your login password is one that you can quickly recall or, better yet, write down and store safely for the future.

Congratulations! You now have a clear understanding of how to access, login, register for courses, and recover your password on iCampus ATU.

Remember, iCampus is designed to simplify your academic journey by providing easy access to all the necessary resources in one place.

Should you encounter any difficulties, reach out to the Accra Technical University support team for assistance. Embrace the power of iCampus and enjoy a seamless and enriching educational experience.

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