Hudson Headwaters Patient Portal

Are you interested in the Hudson headwaters patient portal? You may easily and securely access information about your primary care team, your own health, and your bills online thanks to the patient portal.Hudson Headwaters Patient Portal

Hudson Headwaters Patient Portal

Here you are at Hudson Headwaters. Prevention is the first step in how we care for you;

We want to help you get and stay healthy and give you the finest medical treatment we can.

The professionals who care for you should make you feel at ease and at home at our health clinics. Our doors are open to everyone.

We provide care to patients of all ages. We are the first place you contact when you get severely ill and the place you come back to for treatment over the course of your lifetime.

We provide a wide range of services, including women’s health, pediatrics, behavioral health, and imaging, and we manage any further care you might need.

Your patient portal provides quick online access to your personal medical data.

How Do You Access the Patient Portal?

Anyone who is an active patient may sign up for and use the Patient Portal.

You can create a family access account and see the health records of particular members of your family if you have permission to do so.

To sign up for your account click here.

Is the Patient Portal Secure?

All communications between your workplace and the office of your supplier are sent through a safe, encrypted link.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a widely used technology for data encryption, is used in this secure connection together with server-side digital certification verification to guarantee data delivery.

All medical data is kept in our electronic medical record system behind our firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

Because messages from the portal are delivered to the email address on file, you should always check to be sure it is accurate.

Every time you are done using the portal, be sure to sign out of your account.



Get to know the committed doctors, nurse practitioners, midwives, physician assistants, dentists, specialists, and other health care providers who work nearby.

Hudson Headwaters offers a network of medical specialists you can rely on for all of your healthcare requirements, stretching from Saratoga up north to the Canadian border.

You may discover a skilled expert in our network whether you need urgent care, a specialist, or a primary care doctor for your entire family.

Spend some time learning about each one, or select a medical specialty from the list below to discover who might best fulfill your healthcare requirements.


When residents in our area want medical attention, they turn to Hudson Headwaters first.

Serving patients of all ages, we encourage healthy living, identify and treat ailments, and organize care.

At one of our 21 health facilities, a nursing home, or even in your home, one of our medical professionals will see you.

In order to understand your requirements and choose the best course of action for you and your family, our medical specialists are trained to listen.

With a wide range of services, including women’s care, pediatrics, behavioral health, and imaging, we can efficiently treat most problems and will coordinate your treatment for the remaining ones.

Community Advisory Groups

Hudson Headwaters develops advisory groups in the areas that give financial assistance to its health clinics to guarantee feedback from the locals.

These groups get together frequently to discuss the aims and finances of Hudson Headwaters.

They then give feedback from the locals on matters like personnel levels and operating hours.

Click here for additional details about our patient advisory board.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

One of the most effective methods we still have for halting the spread of COVID-19 is vaccination.

Other methods include testing and masks. We strongly advise that you be vaccinated, get your immunity increased, and get tested as necessary.

In our region, there are more ways than ever to use COVID-19 services. Hudson Headwaters Patient Portal

At-Home Tests

You may request four free COVID-19 testing for your house in the United States. The evaluations are totally free.

Orders typically ship between 7 to 12 days. To order your tests now and ensure that you have them when you need them, click here.

Please follow these instructions and get in touch with your county health agency if your at-home test results are positive.

Today, many county health agencies offer online reporting portals for positive findings from at-home tests. Visit their website to learn more.

Testing for COVID-19 and antibodies is accessible with a quick visit to one of our providers if you are not yet a patient at Hudson Headwaters.

This visit may take place at an urgent care facility, a health center, or occasionally during a telehealth consultation.

Please use the patient portal or get in touch with your health center if you have a query about your health.

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