How Women Contract Certain Infections And Diseases

Some women are not careful of some of the habits that could increase their chances of contracting certain infections.


However, I will be sharing with you some of the habits that could make you contract certain infections and diseases.



#1.Repeating Dirty Underwear

One of the easiest ways to contract infections and life-threatening diseases is keeping dirty hygiene. Wearing dirty underwear makes it easy for bacteria and germs to come in contact with your private organs and when this happens, deadly microorganisms easily find their way into your body and cause you certain several diseases and infections.





#2. Engaging In An Unprotected S*x

Another unhealthy habit is engaging in an unprotected s*x. This habit has cost lots of women their lives. You should know that several infections and diseases are transmitted through unprotected s*xual activities. Infections like Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDs, HPV, etc., are contracted through unprotected s*x.


#3. Poor Menstrual Hygiene

Some women don’t know how to maintain healthy menstrual hygiene during their period. Keeping a poor menstrual hygiene makes it easy for microorganisms to breed in the v*gina area. This can cause you a serious health condition. Maintaining proper menstrual hygiene like bathing regularly, changing pads and underwear regularly are good ways to reduce the risk of contracting certain infections and diseases.


Note: Your life is precious, you should take good care of yourself


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