How to Write Articles and Rank on Google Search

How to Write Articles and Rank on Google Search

If you have been suffering from low traffic ranking on Google search engine, In this article we will show you the steps on how to make your articles.

Some People also ask:

  • How do you rank an article?
  • How do you write content ranks?
  • How do I write an article for SEO friendly?
  • How do I write keywords for SEO?
  • How do I write SEO Optimised content?

How do you rank an article?

By using words like “top” and “recipes” and phrases like “list of” and “for weight loss,” you can ensure that Google will rank your articles for the high-quality content you’ve provided. Include the keywords in H2 or H3 headings. The best articles are divided up into different sections under specific headings.

How do you write content ranks?

  1. Submit a sitemap
  2. Make your content mobile-friendly
  3. Create useful, compelling content
  4. Think about the searcher intent
  5. Do keyword research before you start writing
  6. Use keywords carefully
  7. Create accurate, descriptive title tags
  8. Write compelling meta descriptions

How do I write an article for SEO friendly?

  1. Use headlines and sub-headers.
  2. Add links to previous content.
  3. Optimize the length of your article.
  4. Choose your keywords wisely.
  5. Optimize your images.
  6. Make the content shareable.
  7. Write high-quality content.
  8. Content optimization tools.

How do I write keywords for SEO?

First, make sure any images you use are relevant to your content. Next, give them a file name that reflects that relevance. You can include keywords or LSI keywords here if it makes sense. Use SEO keywords in image titles, which are little pieces of text that pop up when you hover your mouse over an image.

How do I write SEO Optimised content?

  1. Write for your audience first
  2. Keep it all under the same roof
  3. Make headlines that pack a punch
  4. Use keyword-rich phrases
  5. Structure your posts
  6. Incorporate imagery
  7. Propel content with social media

How to Write Articles and Rank on Google Search

How to Write Articles and Rank on Google Search

It’s a great way to start building traffic, acquiring new customers, and developing brand awareness.

But I have some bad news.

Unless your articles are ranking well in Google search, you’re not going to make much progress. Understanding SEO is critical to making your website presence stand out.

To accomplish that, you need to implement some proven tactics to boost your ranking in Google.

This is your guide to getting your content ranked higher.

Optimize for keywords

The first and perhaps most important part of your SEO strategy is optimizing for the right keywords.

Keywords are so important that I consider them one of the keys to on-page SEO.


Steps to write quality SEO articles

1. First, get your focus keyword

This is the first thing you should do before writing any article. I am sure you already have a target niche for your website. Use a keyword research tool and find what words or phrases people use in Google for the products or services offered in the website (Skip this step if you already have a keyword for your article).


2. Find the semantically related keywords for the keyword

Semantically related keywords are highly relevant terms and phrases that clearly define the target keyword of your article. Google ranks an article with such keywords higher, because Google can easily identify the topic of it since the relevant terms and phrases of the focus keyword are present. Such valuable keywords are found rich in top ranking pages of Google search results.

3. Write your SEO article

After getting the target keyword and its semantically related keywords in your hand, you are ready to write. Sit in a silent room or a peaceful place where other people will not detract your mind. Look at the words and phrases and identify which words and phrases can be included in your headings and sub-headings. Now plan a brief framework of your writing.


  • The title
  • First paragraph
  • Rest of the article body
  • The conclusion

4. Insert the semantic keywords

After you complete writing, type it in an MS Word document if you were writing on a paper. Now, look at the semantic keywords you’ve got for the article as mentioned above.

5. Finish your article

After writing your article publish

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